Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introducing Jenson!

This young man is Jenson Elliott Neiding

Jenson was born weighing 9 pounds and 4 ounces

Since Jenson had no real plans on being born, we attempted to force him out by having my water broke.  When that failed we stepped up our efforts via an induction.  After many hours and very slow progress  I began to worry that the induction would be a failure and a C Section would follow.  I was checked for progesss and found to still be sitting at 5 cms.  Again.  I got up to use the bathroom.  I got back into my bed and suddenly had my first painful contraction.  I was just thinking "good, maybe we will get some progress now" when I had my second painful contraction that followed the first by about 30 seconds.  I looked at my monitor and saw it had lasted a minute.  Then the third contraction hit, again 30 seconds later.  This was followed by an undeniable urge to push.  It was very confusing for me since I was just checked minutes ago and was 5 cm.  I tried to grab my nurse call button but the next pushing urge hit me strong.  I couldn't even grasp my call button and was wiggling around the bed in agony trying to resist my urge to bear down.  My husband looked over at me and asked "what are you doing?  Is there something wrong?"

 My nurses arrived and told me NOT to push.  My dr had not been called since I was having no progress minutes ago.  I was forced onto my side to wait for my dr.  My dr lived a town over and had to be woken from her sleep during these early morning hours.  I was given strict instructions NOT to push and to pant through it.  The pushing urge was one of the strongest I have ever had in childbirth.  Each contraction it got harder and harder to resist that pushing urge.  I blew and panted and squeezed my face muscles.  The start of each contraction would send me into a near panic as I knew it would mean having to resist that undeniable urge.  I whimpered and begged and swore I couldn' t stop myself any longer.  If I even dared start to make the tiniest push a room full of nurses began yelling at me.  Finally my dr walked into the room and I was allowed to roll over and deliver my boy. 

Later the nurse told me they were sure he would be born without pushing before the dr arrived.  Had he been a smaller sized baby he surely would have. 

The whole incident left my face with large bruises on it and broken capilaries from the strong pressure i put on it during my long wait.  I am experiencing quite a bit of soreness post partum, much more so than some of my other births, even with babies larger than Jenson was.  I am not sure if it was from the wait or not.  One problem I have is incredible pain in my tailbone. 

Jenson is a nice, calm baby who is a nursing champ.  He does, however, enjoy his late nights that extend into early mornings without sleep. 


Kris said...

Such a sweet baby! My daughter Clarissa :) was born on June 16th but in 1993! She just turned 18!! The time goes by so fast...enjoy it as much as you can with 6 small children.


Anonymous said...

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