Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zoobie pets

You probably are aware that Pillow Pets are all the rage this year.  If you watch the kids channels on TV you will notice many a commercial breaks feature the Pillow Pet commercial.  Each time the commercial shows, my children all awww  and ohhhh and try to pick their favorite.  Each time we are in a store that has the pets they beg and plead.

Want to know what I find even better than Pillow Pets?  Zoobie Pets~!  Zoobie Pets are
plush animals that turn into pillows and blankets. They’ve won over 45 industry awards and can be found in over2,500 US stores.

If find them not only  practical, but simply adorable!!  I entered to win one here at Blessings Abound

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