Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

I often dress in layers.  I H_A_T_E hate being cold.  I find layering my clothing to be a great way to stay warm.  I even have to layer in the summer a lot.  We don't have air conditioning in our home so I am dressed for the heat.  When I go somewhere I find not being used to the cold air makes it feel even colder.  I often wear sweaters in the summer!

So what are some layering tips from a self proclaimed layering expert such as myself?  Here are 10 that I can share:

1. One time I layer is when shopping.  I find that sometimes stores are just so overheated.  This is especially true near the entrances it seems.  Near the entrances where the cash registers are.  So there you are in a long line, actively bouncing a crabby baby, and it feels like it is 100 degrees.  I love to be able to pull off that warm fuzzy fleece sweater and wear my light weight tee.  I also like to leave my coat in the car when going into stores so I don't have to worry about lugging it around when its too warm to wear it inside.  I really appreciate that fleece sweatshirt walking into the store.  But once it gets warm inside, I really appreciate a much cooler shirt.

2.  Consider making your wardrobe based on a single basic color.  I like to wear black.  I think it looks good on me and I love the versatility of it.  I purchase most of my skirts, pants etc in basic black.  I try to choose black for my sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets etc too.  I can then layer a turtleneck or tank in a fun color.  Using a base color like black means that I can pretty much mix and match everything i own to create a bunch of great mix match and layered looks making my clothing selection seem much bigger than it is.

3.  Are you a Breastfeeding mom?  I have been breastfeeding for many years of my life now.  Layering is a great way to build your confidence for breastfeeding in public.  I was always pretty good at being able to get a baby latched on without flashing boobage to anyone, however what always made me feel pretty self conscience was wondering if anyone could see my no longer perfectly flat tummy exposed from having my shirt lifted.  What about that back fat?  Is it sticking out anywhere?  My children were never still nursers and would like to rub their hands all around often lifting my shirt in the process.  A great layering solution is to wear a tank under your shirt.  They do make special nursing tanks that work wonderfully.  They can be a bit costly, however, and you can still layer with tanks on a much lower budget!  Just buy a tank that is a little big for you.  One with some spandex type stretch is great.  You can pull the neckline under your breast before unlatching your bra.  This will eliminate all those tummy exposure worries!

4.  Layering can make that low cut blouse or dress wearable!  Have you ever seen a really cute dress in the store only to try it on and find it too immodest for your taste?  Or maybe you bought a top and when you tried it on it seemed great but once you actually wore it you found that it slipped down in front or having to bend over and lift your children ect. left you exposed?  Layering a nice fitting tank is the perfect solution.  You can pick a color that blends well with the garment or you can pick a contrasting color for an extra fun pop!  This is great to eliminate too much cleavage or droopy armhole issues.  Modesty restored!

5.  Do you live in a cold winter climate?  We do.  Layering is really important for your comfort when participating in winter sports or taking care of winter chores like shoveling snow.  It will be cold so you want to be warm, but as you get active you will begin to sweat.  Wet, sweaty clothing will then make you freezing cold.  Its important to make your first layer something that can wick moister away.  Layering garments can be made of different fabrics.  Looking over Cuddl Duds website I found that they make layering garments in Bamboo.  I love the feel of bamboo clothing.  What a great layering option!

6. While there are times when you want your layers to show, there are times when you won't.  Sometimes you are layering only as a way to control moisture (you don't want to sweat on your clothes!) or make a garment that may be scratchy or uncomfortable on its own more wearable.  In that case you are going to want to make sure you match your necklines well!  If you have a V neck top layer, choose a under layer with a similar neckline so that you don't have to keep trying to adjust your under layers to prevent  it from showing.  Constant clothing adjustments is a pain and will look rather awkward.

7.  Get cold feet?  I do.  So I layer my feet too. Buying a great pair of dressy boots is a great way to be able to wear socks all the time.  I wear my dress boots with a pair of socks inside to Church or any other dress occasion, all winter long.  It so much more comfortable than shoes that would leave me with cold feet!

8.  Wear layering pants under your skirts.  A pair of tight fitting pants made for layering is a perfect way to add warmth under your skirt.  A skirt that goes to at least your knee and a pair of boots means that no one will be able to even see your secret under layer.  Coordinate your pants to match with your skirt and any time your pants do show everyone will think they are your tights.  Cold drafts up your skirt are definitely no fun.  What a great solution.

9. Pregnancy...the perfect time to layer.  I always get quite the belly when pregnant. Its not long and I find that I have outgrown my maternity clothing.  Over the belly pants are too tight and my shirts no longer are long enough to make all around the very large protruding belly I have and often leave my belly showing if not all the time, at least when I move around.  They now have great layering options for pregnant women.  A tube like band (think tube top looking) that you wear under your shirts will provide you complete coverage.  No more belly flashing.  These bands also work great in early pregnancy when you just can't quite button your regular pants anymore.  You can leave them unbuttoned and cover with this band.  It will also help hold up maternity pants in those beginning weeks of wearing them when your regular pants are too small yet maternity things are a bit big.  After you have your baby you can wear those  pre pregnancy jeans earlier leaving them unbuttoned again and wearing your band over them.  No one will realize your secret but they will be amazed you are in your old clothes already!  This is a highly recommended must have maternity item in my eyes!

10.  If I had to pick the one most important must have layering piece it would be a turtleneck.  i love turtlenecks.  The only reason I would even consider liking cold weather, it would be because I get to wear turtlenecks.  I love the comfort.  I like the secure feeling of having my neck covered.  Another great thing about the turtleneck is they are inexpensive to buy.  You can have a nice selection of colors and prints.  So when you plan to layer, never overlook your turtlenecks!

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