Thursday, July 22, 2010

something I love about the Unity Stroller

Today when I browsed through the great features on Baby Planet's Unity stroller I noticed that the weight limit is 55 pounds per side!  Most strollers dont' go above 40 lbs per seat.  Plus you get 130 lbs max weight in the stroller that means 55 in one seat, 55 in the other and PLUS you can haul 20 lbs of "gear" underneath (yes, you know you lug around that much with you regularly!) 

To someone, like me, who has big babies and toddlers, this is great news.  My 3 year old, who regularly needs to ride in a stroller when we are spending a whole day out and about, weighs over 40 lbs. 

I am hoping to win this great stroller in this giveaway 

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