Monday, July 19, 2010

Great features on the Unity stroller

As I read through the list of features on the Baby Planet Unity Stroller, I was impressed by its well thought out design.  What are some of my favorite features? 

An oversized  basket....with 5 kids I always have a lot of stuff the haul around with me.  I need lots of storage room.

An adult cup holder.  A small thing, yes, but I have never had a stroller with a cup holder on it and it makes it impossible for me to get a drink while out.  

90 percent recline.  My current stroller barely reclines at all.  Its not easy at all for a little one to nap in there.  A nice flat recline would be great to have.

Those are the 3 that most caught my eye, I think.  What are your faves? 

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