Tuesday, February 23, 2010

giveaways 2/24

At Just For Me and You there is a neat giveaway for a Tidy Books bookshelf. This is perfect because just a couple days ago I decided that rather than have all the books in one location I would like each child to have their books in their rooms on bookshelves. This would be great for Nolan and Evan's room.

I have been a big advocate for longer carseat/booster seat usage for a long time. I am glad to see a lot of states are making longer carseat and boosters mandatory. You can enter to win this great looking booster seat from The First Years at Busy Mom Media

Visit Busy Mom Media to win the Britax stroller. I love this cow print! How unique and fun.

I recently tried soapnuts for laundry. Today I found another great product that uses soapnuts. Its a liquid that can be used for all the things you use soapnuts for, but the soap power has been extracted for you so its super easy to use. Visit Happily Domestic and get a chance to win some.

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