Saturday, January 2, 2010

Win Wilson bakeware at Mommy Googles

My children are going to a party tomorrow and they are suppose to bring a fun cookie, cake, cupcake type item for a cakewalk. I was making a variety of fun cupcakes for them. It took me ALL>DAY>LONG. Not because it was so time consuming, but because I only have a cupcake pan that makes 6 cupcakes. It was taking forever!

Bakeware is something I could really use. I bake alot. Every couple days at least. Reading about the Wilson Ultragold bakeware made me decide I should own the whole set! This stuff sounds fantastic!

* Premium Aluminum Material
* Even Heating
* Scratch Resistant Surface
* Oversized Handles
* Signature Golden Finish
* Lifetime warranty

I love the way it looks too. Very classy.

If you would like to enter to win a set of this fantastic looking bakeware, like I did, use the link above.

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