Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Win a Bumbleride at the Bragging Mommy

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Last week I braved the Mall with my 5 children. I have two that are stroller age, well really 3 but the new baby prefers to be worn in a carrier at this point. So I have this Sit and Stand type stroller. Have you ever seen someone trying to force a huge bull to move when it doesn't want to? (Can you tell I live in the country?) Well you can push and pull all you want and it just sort of stands there. Thats how i feel when I take my stroller out. I am struggling with all my might the whole time trying to make it go in the desired direction. Its awful. When I return home from an outing my shoulders hurt, my arms hurt, my knees hurt from the force of trying to guide this thing. Its awful.

I can see myself with a Bumbleride, no doubt. And really, a mom to 5 young children...don't you think I deserve it too???

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