Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Jen fun tee shirts

I recently visited a neat website and wanted to share it with you. will custom create tee's to your specifications.
I was impressed with the variety of clothing items that you could choose from. There are shirts, plenty of shirts to choose from....long sleeves, short sleeves, tanks and camis. How about a 3/4 sleeve? Maybe you are into organic cotton, Just Jen has you covered!! They even have a maternity tee! Maybe you are not wanting custom shirts at all. Perhaps you are looking for a hat or sweatpants or underwear!! yes even underwear!! Just Jen has it! Shopping for someone else? Maybe you little daughter? Yep, Just Jen has baby and girl sizes. Not shopping for a human you say?? Well you would be interested in the dog styles then!

You may wonder if the ordering process is difficult. Well, I don't think it could look any easier. The Website is well designed and simple to follow. You choose your style first then start filling in details like size, color, font and crystal color.

So why not head over to Just Jen and create some custom clothing today? What will you create? Me, well I would love to make a girl's tee saying "Little Princess" and a baby tee saying "Littler Princess" for my daughter and baby to wear at the same time.

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Having coordinating shirts for your girls would be adorable! I only have one daughter, but I always look for matching or coordinating shirts for my two sons. :)