Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giveaways 1/26

If you have been a Mom for a while you probably have a slight, I mean small...tiny, obsession with strollers! I admit I do (its very tiny though...really it is...you believe me, right?). When I go out anywhere I look around at the strollers other people are pushing. I compare the fabrics and styles etc. When I see one I have never seen either just never in person or never even knew about, I get excited. I have to check it out, look it over and see what I think. When I saw this giveaway at Two of a Kind I just had to go check it out. A new Zooper stroller I had never seen!! I was sold! I love the high weight limit on it. I entered to win. I bet you will too!

So I got a new laptop today. My old one died a couple months ago. I got a real cheapy one, the cheapest my husband could locate, basically. But to me it means a lot. My computer is my link to the world really. Being a busy mom to 5 small children I don't really have friends I can hang out with, I don't really go anywhere except my trips for groceries and other essentials. My computer provides me something to do especially in the many hours I spend nursing the youngest. I want my new laptop to last and stay protected and keep that great shiny new cover looking nice. I saw this giveaway at J Leigh Designz and thought "perfect timing". Its for a Built NY Laptop sleeve! If you have a laptop you may want to enter as well.

You can win a hand embroidered tee at Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy. Toads and Tiaras has quite a few designs to choose from in sizes up to 6.

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