Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fantastic deals at Old Navy

It happens every year. Every year without fail. The pants that I bought my children at the beginning of the school year no longer fit come winter break. I buy them in August and they seem plenty long then come December my son looks like he is trying to start a new capri pant for men trend.

So today I loaded up all five kids and headed out to Old Navy. My main goal: Find Brennan new pants. I am happy to report we accomplished that mission. Not only did we accomplish it, we did it very well.

Today is Old Navy's last day for and extra 50% off the clearance tag items. The result? Jaw dropping good deals!!! Besides the clearance deal I had a coupon for $50 off $100 purchase. I returned from the store with 6 bags full of clothing...my final price? $62!!! yes only $62!!!!. Once I got home I added everything up and if I had bought everything at the original ticked prices I would have spent a little over $500.

A couple super deals I will share: A sweater knit one piece romper for Miliana final price---$1.50!!!! yes a buck fifty!!! Amazing. I actually bought 2 at that price. One for now and one to grow into! I bought 3 boy's fleece hats since the final price was a dollar! My oldest son is starting to fit into Men's sizes at 11 years old. We found the pants we were seaking and paid as little as $4.00 a pair! My 5 year old Star Wars fan was thrilled beyond belief to get two Star Wars themed shirts and I was happy that each was only a couple dollars. My two year old son was most thrilled with one of the several pair of shoes I bought for him. How could I not, after all the most expesive pair was $5! I found the most picked over section to be the girl's area. It may be because I am a bit more picky about what my little girl wears too. I like her to be feminine and little girly, not grown up at all. She did get a pair of jeans for $5.50 and two shirts for a little over $2 each.

The only things I bought not on clearance were a pair of khakis for Brennan. They were on sale, however, for 14.50. I got 5 pair of socks for Evan for $5, not clearance but on sale marked $1.75 each. And, finally, two pair of baby tights, the thick heavy kind for $10 total, a buy 2 deal regularly $6.50 each.

I noticed they had lots of women's items on clearance as well. I didn't shop however, because we already had spent a good bit of time in the store and I had a few children really wanting lunch.

Evan my cashier was pretty impressed at my bargain shopping today. He often commented "wow" as he rung up and individual item. When I presented my coupon after everything was rung he said "NICE!!"

I can say I definately enjoyed my trip to Old Navy today. I will continue to go back in the future hoping to find more outstanding deals.

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