Wednesday, December 30, 2009

win a pair of Robeez at the Shopping Mama

Robeez has such cute shoes. During this cold weather I find myself loving these pink boots. They look so warm and cozy. They also look like they would actually stay on a baby foot. (I lost a baby sock somewhere in between our driveway at home, Kmart, Payless shoes and Walmart yesterday....and my baby was sound asleep in her carseat the whole time until I discovered it missing in Walmart when she woke what could have happened to it?) Robeez has dressy looking shoes, casual looking shoes and a couple boot like styles too. Just about everything you could want for your little one.

Want to win a pair? Use the link above. The Shopping Mama reviewed my very favorite pair, these boots, plus she hwas a giveaway.

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Kate said...

Thanks so much for blogging about this giveaway! Good luck.