Monday, December 21, 2009

Win a Mattress!!! at Mommy Mandy

now this is one EXCITING giveaway!!! Useing the link above you can enter to win a Sealy Posturpedic Innerspring Signature 11 Series. You will be able to pick your size and also the firmness desired.

Why am I so excited? Well let me tell you a little about my mattress. When my husband and I got married we bought a full size mattress. We spent a lot and got a nice comfortalbe set. It wasn't long and we realized the big mistake was buying a full. We should have bought a much bigger size. A few years later we had our first child. We ended up co-sleeping and there was so little room in that full size bed. My husband went out and bought a King set. Now if you know my husband, you know he is pretty cheap about a lot of things. I guess mattresses happen to be one of them! He went to a furniture store going out of business and bought a floor sample mattress. It was never really meant as an actual sleeping mattress. It was suppose to be for displays only. It was lumpy and bumpy and cheaply made. It was never comforable. As time passed it deteriorated rapidly. There are big sink holes in it. Lower areas then the rest of the mattress. It creeks and snaps and cracks. I never feel comfortable. My husband won't even sleep on it anymore its so uncomfortable. He has our two year old sleep with me and he sleeps in the two year old's full size bed. Its that nice comfy set we bought originally! That's why I want this so bad. A comfortable night of sleep....or as comfortable as you can get with a set of little feet or two in your face off and on all night long.

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