Sunday, December 27, 2009

WIn a Keurig at Mommy PR

Everytime I go shopping lately I drop into the housewares department and check out their Keurig coffee makers. I have even checked out the grocery stores I shop at to see if they had the K cups available where I shop. I want one so bad!!! The only problem is my husband is not on board with buying one. So I won't get one.

We have a cheap Mr Coffee that was less than $20. Recently I was putting the caraffe away and bumped it on the corner of the counter and it shattered. My question...why do they use the thinnest most easy to shatter glass imaginable on coffee makers??? So now I have no coffee maker. I only made coffee occasionally, certainly not everyday so its not a huge deal. I do make tea several times a day and my kids love hot cocoa. I love that a Keurig can do all those drinks. I love that it can also do ice tea! its amazing.

DO you want one too? YOu can use the link above and enter to win one at Mommy PR. Its the only way I will see one in my house, thats for sure!!

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