Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby shower giveaway

Rocking Mama is having a baby shower right now. Her first game is going on. You will need to share a photo of your baby bump. I had my baby recently but here is my bump at about 37 weeks. Pretty big huh? I have really big babies and get really big bellies! This one was only 10 lbs. Yes I have had bigger. As a matter of fact when this one was born I said "oh she is so little" and the dr looked puzzled and said "little" and the nurse said "yeah, go look at her chart and see what else she's had!!". The dr that delivered me was not my Dr actually but the baby was nearly born in the car and we just used who ever was ready and there at the hospital to catch this one! Anyways, prizes for this contest are

Cambodian Sterling Silver Jingle Bells Anklet for Baby Girl by Baby Emi Jewelry

One pair of glasses from Baby Banz

$25 Gift Certificate to PassionSpice

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