Saturday, February 18, 2012

Recipes for fun!

 Do you kids like to do creative things?  Mine love it.  They enjoy cooking and other things to help in the kitchen.  They love to do crafts of all kinds.  They love to science type experiments (this is something everyone really looks forward to when we have them for school).  The problem is, I sometimes struggle to come up with fun, unique, interesting ideas that they like to do.  I have tried doing Google searches for kids crafts and there are thousands of search results, however, most are silly, uninteresting, or unsuitable.

If you have ever found yourself searching for something fun for  your children, you will love this.  Clorox has a great new site.  At Clorox's Recipes for Fun you will find a great selection of projects sure to thrill the kids!  There is a Wacky Science section you can try out Magic Milk Paint or Strange Acting Goop.  You can do Deco Decoupage or Create Flower Pots in the arts and crafts section.  By visiting the Creative Cooking or Kiddie Cooking sections you can find delicious and fun recipes your children will surely be happy to make and eat.  There are many many many projects in each section.  Its very inspiring!  I just love their motto too....Where Mess Doesn't Matter (however, I am struggling a bit to totally accept that concept in real life here!)

There is further incentive, however, to check out Clorox's site.  Right now you can enter to win
$10,000 toward an Ultimate Mess Party, plus chances to win instantly every day!  Just by registering, you’ll receive one sweepstakes entry into the grand prize.  You can collect extra bonus entries by sharing your own recipe for fun!  Not only will you get 10 bonus entries when you submit that recipe, as a “thanks” for sharing, you will get  a $1.00 coupon on Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner (you know, to help you clean up after doing all those projects where the mess didn't matter!)  Now to win instantly, all you have to do is view recipes on their site.  Random winners will get a $100 gift card to various retailers.  Yes, its that simple, just view a recipe!

Like I mentioned, my children love their creative time!  We have done lots of projects around here over the years.  If it involves frosting, you can be sure everyone will want to be involved!  My dining room has been covered in sprinkles on more than one occasion.  Glitter?  Yes, they love their glitter too!  .  I decided to share with you a project we enjoyed doing.    So here it is:

We have had fun making various animals from tree leaves.

All you have to do is gather leaves from various trees and plants.  We did this camping once and it was a perfect time to do it.  The children wandered around the campsite area collecting their supplies.

Next you can play around with the shapes to see what sort of animals you can come up with.  If your children are small and most likely will struggle to do this on their own, you can always make a little gallery of ideas for them up a head of time.  Then they can pick one to do and use your model to choose their leaves and arrange them.

Once you have your idea mapped out, Just glue it to construction paper.  After your animal is done its fun to also give it a little habitat as well by filling in the construction paper with a nest or other type "home" for your critter.

You can really make this into two fun activities.  The first can be a trip to a park or nature area where you can go collecting your leaves.  You know, take a lunch, make a fun trip out of it.  Next, is the crafting project itself.  Whoo hoo...2 days of fun!  I might also mention this project is especially suited for autumn time since you will find more interesting leaves with brilliant fun colors.

So the next rainy or snowy day, make it a fun day and head over to

Clorox's Recipes for Fun

and make it a great day!

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