Saturday, June 18, 2011

Check out Ohanarama

My children love playing computer games.  If you have children I am sure they love their computer time as well.  Parents of Elementary school aged children will definitely want to check out

My family has really enjoyed this site.  The games are really fun.  I am not really into playing computer games but found several games on Ohanarama's site to be very fun and really quite addicting too.  

I enjoyed the game Drop 3 the most.  I also found myself playing Tip Tower and Max Damage for long periods of time!  

My children enjoyed all the games as well.  My daughter likes Max Destruction best.  She also enjoys the word search game and the game Coin Confusion.  

One of my sons was grounded from playing computer so he was not able to play when  we first signed up.  He was eagerly awaiting his grounding to end so he could log into and start playing.  

We would have signed in and played more often, however, I gave birth earlier this week and my children were all staying away from home with friends while I was in the hospital so they were not on their computers at  all.    If I was not so busy with a newborn (and 5 other children!) I would be signing in more often as well.

One really neat and unique feature on Ohanarama is that you not only try to beat your own old scores on each game, you compete against your family members as well.  If you beat someone signed up as a family member's score, you get a notification at the end of the game that you beat their score, it also sends a message to the person beaten's email account letting them know your score has been defeated.  It really keeps your interest in playing the games up....and the competition is exciting.  My daughter will come running into my room announcing she just beat another of my scores.  My son moments ago came in and proudly announced he beat on of his sister's scores. 

This would be really fun for families that are seperated for periods of time due to a parent traveling.  Step families would find this a nice way to stay connected with one another when they spend time apart too, I think.  If you have grandparents that live further away so that visits are infrequent, this would be a neat way for them to "play" with their grandchildren.

I highly suggest signing up for Ohanarama.  I honestly think you and your children will enjoy it. 

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