Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hold the salt, pass the lemons!

I am sure you have heard the dangers that a high sodium diet can bring.  Even if you can't name all the health risks associated with too much salt, you likely know high sodium diets are not healthy. 

Many people are now watching their sodium intake.  Reading labels.   Leaving the salt shaker off the table.  Choosing products labeled "low sodium".  But do you have to leave the flavor behind when you ditch the salt? 

Sunkist answers with a definate "NO"!!

Sunkist encourages everyone to try their S'alternative. 
S’alternative is a flavorful salt alternative using fresh-squeezed Sunkist® lemons. The result is enhanced natural flavor with increased potassium and reduced sodium!

You can find more information on S'alternative here.

You can also find a fantastic opportunity to win fabulous prizes in Sunkist's recipe contest here.  $1000 grocery gift card is the grand prize!  I will be thinking of S'alternatives in the next few days for sure!

I wrote this blog post at the request of Sunkist, making me eligible
to get $10 in free Sunkist Lemons.”

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Nicole Feliciano said...

Clarissa, Looks like you got some spam in a commment. But thanks for this post. Full of good details.