Friday, August 13, 2010

Mbretts tote/diaper bag

One thing I hate is disorganization.  If things are unorganized I even have trouble sleeping as it stays so heavy on my mind.  One area of disorganization that has driven me  crazy for years was my diaper bags.  The problem with most diapers bags is that they are basically just big pouches.  People tend to carry lots of small items in their diaper bags...pacificers, little tubes of diaper rash cream, lip gloss, cell phone, keys etc.  When you put little items like that in a big deep bag, they disappear.  It never fails you are in line at the store and you hear your phone ringing and you're digging, digging, searching, searching, taking things out, dropping things in search of that little cell phone lost somewhere under diapers and sippy cups and spare change of baby pants. 

My Mbretts tote bag has so totally changed that!  The interior is divided into several compartments.  It keeps everything in its place, ready to be found when needed.

This is a bit more than what I carry on a normal average trip from the house but wanted to show how much this tote holds, without overcrowding, and still being able to pull out anything I need without searching or removing half my bag contents to find it.

A water bottle, a sippy cup, a large wallet, keys, sunglasses, a pack of tissues, 2 different rash creams, a container of baby wipes, a changing pad, a good size baby blanket, a bib, a spare dress, 2 cloth diapers and a cloth diaper cover.

And organized:  water bottle and sippy get the outside compartments (although I normally use one for my sunglasses, cellphone and keys and one for a rolled up baby blanket), one compartment get the rash creams, tissue, bib.  One compartment gets my wallet, keys, cellphone, and makeup pouch.  One compartment gets the spare dress, 2 diapers, cover, changing pad, blanket. 

This is Mbretts small tote!  Although its roomy, you definately don't feel like you are carrying a suitcase.  Its very compact.  I can only imagine what their large tote would hold.  I would love the opportunity to find out! 

This is a photo of what my typical bag packed looks like:

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