Thursday, July 29, 2010

SmartKnit that's smart!

Do you have children that grab their socks and pull them on without regard what-so-ever to where the heel of the sock will fall?  Do they walk around with a heel lump on the top of their foot?  Do you wonder how they could possible be comfortable when the heel of their sock is stuffed into the side of their shoe?

SmartKnit socks can fix that!  Their socks have no heal in whatever way you pull them's the right way! 

Right now they have a great giveaway going on!  You can go here to enter.  It includes

3 Pair SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks
1 Amazon Kindle
6 Month Subscription to NetFlix
$100 Costco Card
20 Coloring Books
10 Kids' Reading Books
Supply of Purell Hand Sanitizers
5 Clorox Wipe Packages
250 Crayons
30 Pencils
15 Lightbulbs
15 Kids' Toothbrushes
6 Containers of Tang
and is worth more than $500!

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