Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a small thing that makes the Unity great

I am hoping to win a Unity double stroller by Baby Planet.  Looking through the features today something caught my eye.  It has  5 point harnesses with comfort cover.  I have continued to have a problem with each of my children when they rode in their strollers.  They would wiggle free from their little lap belts and stand in the stroller.  My 3rd child actually stood in the stroller when I turned my back to pay for something at the cash register and his sister pulled the stroller back suddenly sending him tumbling out face first to the ground.  His face immediately swelled huge and he had a bloody nose and had bit his lip etc.  As he is screaming out of control over his injuries, he was about a year and a half I believe, the store made me wait around to fill out an accident report!  So I am thinking 5 point harnesses are just what this group of kids of mine needs!  Especially since I was pulling the baby off things she had climbed upon long before she was a year old.

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