Wednesday, April 7, 2010

giveaways 4/7

Laundry occupies a Huge part of my life. I do about 6 loads a day. 5 kids. You have the school clothes, play clothes when they get home, and pajamas each day. My 5 year old always looks like his food attacks him when he eats dinner, so he usually has an extra shirt at least. My 2 year old is a disaster and always has a pile of laundry of his own each day. The baby doesn't do too bad with extra outfits...but I use cloth diapers so there is a few extra loads each week. They you have the dog bedding, throw rugs, sheets, towels etc. I have been very successful at making my own laundry detergent. One laundry deteregent has me wishing and wanting to buy, however. Its Rocking Green Soap. It promises to do a fantastic job at all laundry but was especially developed for diapers. Why am I so intriqued by it? Well its the scents! How would you like buttercream laundry? That's my favorite! Maybe you would prefer cherry almond? Grape Soda? Mango sorbet? Those are only a few of their terrific line up of scents. I am entering to win some Rocking Green from at Organic Girl.

My children would have a fantastic time in this playhouse. It has such great details on it. I love the little sink inside! has a great selection of playhouses (well imagine that). i am entering to win this one from The SHopping Mama.

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