Friday, April 2, 2010

baby's first foods journal Review

When I had my first child I dreaded the time to start solids arriving. I was breastfeeding exclusively , which was going fantastic. I knew it was the best food available for him and he was thriving. The solids my son would eat would determine how he felt about food and nutrition for the rest of his life. It would determine his health and well being. It also was going to be more work for me. Breastfeeding all you had to do was sit down and everything was right there ready. I knew I was going to make all my baby foods so that would mean shopping for food, cooking food, processing it smooth, storing it etc.

I would have love to have the Baby’s First Foods journal back then! It’s a bound journal that is very thoughtfully organized with side divider tabs. There are tabs for grains, veggies, fruit, etc. There is an area to record weekly menus and a section for recording some of your favorite recipes.
I recorded each food I introduced my child to on notebook paper. I would write the food I fed and the dates I fed it. When I introduced my child to a new food I would feed it to him for 3 days before starting another. This journal is set up just for that. You record the food you try and there are columns for your first, second and third attempt. You can also check your child’s reaction to the food represented by various little faces (happy, straight faced, sad).

After your child is done getting introduced to foods you have a great keepsake to put with their baby book. Its also a great reference when you have your next baby. You can look back to see what order you introduced foods in and if your first had some signs of food allergies it’s a great reminder so that you could watch or delay your next on that particular item.

I am on my 5th baby now. I still like to record my baby’s journey into eating. She is just preparing to start eating now and I am excited to use her journal.

I know some parents don’t think through solids the way I do. Some people just hand baby food, baby eats it, case closed. I, however, always found it a daunting task. So if you are like me, you will absolutely love the Baby’s first foods journal.

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