Friday, March 19, 2010

review Tummy Tub stool

Recently I posted about how much I love my Tummy Tub and how much my baby loves it. I have had the opportunity to try out the stool for the Tummy Tub now.

When it first arrived I put it together, a simple process, and wondered if the tub would stay steady and secure on it. Yes it does. you have to push your tub into the base of the holder firmly and it snaps right in. Very secure.

Using the stand allows a person to sit on a chair or elsewhere and be at a great height for securing baby while in the tub. I have been sitting on the edge of our tub and placing the Tummy Tub on the floor in front of me. It does get me at the right height to easy watch over Miliana. Since Miliana loves to take her time in her tub, its nice to be able to sit down for a while, a luxury this mom of 5 sometimes doesn't get much of!

I think a Tummy Tub Stool would be an essential item if you were bathing a newborn baby. Newborns have to be held onto at all times in the tub and this would give you a lot of security and comfort being at a perfect level.

What I really love about this stand is that it also is a step stool for children. there is a different top piece you set on to the base and simple quick and easy it becomes a stool. If you have other children you can get double use of this equipment right away and it eliminates have yet another item to find a place to store when not in use. Even if you don't have other children, before you know it your baby will not be quite a baby any longer and will no longer be using the Tummy Tub. This step stool, however, will be needed and used for several more years to come.

The Tummy Tub placed on the stool is really very pretty! It looks great sitting on the bathroom counter or in a room when not in use!

If you have a Tummy Tub or are thinking of purchasing one, I recommend you also consider the stool. I think you will like it.

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