Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need a carseat?

You might want to consider the Safety First True Fit Rebound carseat. With it's anti-rebound bar which lessens the “bounce” after initial impact and actually prevent broken bones in a serious crash this carseat is a great choice. You can win one at Cool Baby Kid.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

giveaways 3/24

I recently attended a twitter party and was introduced to Flexi 8 hair barrettes. I fell in love with them. they have tons of styles and sizes so that you can do so much with your hair. I almost always have a pony tail or claw clip in my hair because its waist length and gets in the way or ends up getting pulled by a child otherwise. I feel so boring, however. This would be an amazingly pretty change. I entered to win these at Cool Baby Kid.

Really love these Flexi 8 hair accessories? You can also go to Blessings Abound because they also have a giveaway for these lovely barrettes.

Win an ALvin and the Chipmunks DVD at Rockin Mama! My children would love to see this.

giveaways 3/22

I am in love with this bag! Its so cute. Petunia Pickle Bottom has great high quality bags. I would love to win it from The Shopping Mama

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Giveaways 3/21

WIN a Bounce House at Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House during her Outdoor Oasis Event! Your kids will love it! It will be the hit of the party! The envy of hte neighborhood children! Enter to win!

Also, if you visit J Leigh Designs you can get yet another opportunity to win a bounce house from Bounce Houses I want to win one really bad, so I entered again!

Have you ever tried Soap Nuts? I love them. I use them for laundry although there are other cleaning usages for them. I would love to win these from The B Keeps Us Honest

I have not tried NaturOli's Extreme 18X Laundry Liquid Detergent but I would love to. Its made of soapnuts and I am already a fan of those. I would love to win this bottle from The B Keeps Us Honest

Friday, March 19, 2010

Follow Fridays

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review Tummy Tub stool

Recently I posted about how much I love my Tummy Tub and how much my baby loves it. I have had the opportunity to try out the stool for the Tummy Tub now.

When it first arrived I put it together, a simple process, and wondered if the tub would stay steady and secure on it. Yes it does. you have to push your tub into the base of the holder firmly and it snaps right in. Very secure.

Using the stand allows a person to sit on a chair or elsewhere and be at a great height for securing baby while in the tub. I have been sitting on the edge of our tub and placing the Tummy Tub on the floor in front of me. It does get me at the right height to easy watch over Miliana. Since Miliana loves to take her time in her tub, its nice to be able to sit down for a while, a luxury this mom of 5 sometimes doesn't get much of!

I think a Tummy Tub Stool would be an essential item if you were bathing a newborn baby. Newborns have to be held onto at all times in the tub and this would give you a lot of security and comfort being at a perfect level.

What I really love about this stand is that it also is a step stool for children. there is a different top piece you set on to the base and simple quick and easy it becomes a stool. If you have other children you can get double use of this equipment right away and it eliminates have yet another item to find a place to store when not in use. Even if you don't have other children, before you know it your baby will not be quite a baby any longer and will no longer be using the Tummy Tub. This step stool, however, will be needed and used for several more years to come.

The Tummy Tub placed on the stool is really very pretty! It looks great sitting on the bathroom counter or in a room when not in use!

If you have a Tummy Tub or are thinking of purchasing one, I recommend you also consider the stool. I think you will like it.

Fashion Playtes giveaway

I sew a lot. My daughter, Anastasia, wears a lot of mommy made clothing. She is used to being able to help pick out fabrics or patterns or details of a garment. She's been doing it for as long as she has had an opinion (which was pretty early for this girl!!). There are times when I don't want to sew an garment, however. I like fancy clothing and things with lots of handwork in them. So I don't often sew T shirts or hoodies or other things like that. We recently found out about Fashion Playtes clothing which made Anastasia very happy. We can order basic clothing items from them and still have them customized just as my daughter wishes. The creating process is so much fun that when I found the website I created several garments just for fun because I was having a good time experimenting with it.

RIght now The Penny Pinching Mama has a giveaway for gift certificates to Fashion Playtes. I am definately entering this one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

giveaways 3/18

I have a lot of hard surface floors in my house. I struggle daily to keep them clean. Currently I am mopping them everyday on my hands and knees and drying them with towels. Its time consuming and definately hard on the knees! I would love to win this Hoover from The B Keeps us honest. My day would be so much more pleasant!

WHile visiting The B Keeps Us Honest, check out this giveaway too. This Hoover stick vac looks great!

and...if you are a cloth diapering mom or would love a chance to try cloth diapering out you can enter here at The B Keeps Us Honest for a diaper and cover from Kissaluvs. I have been using Kissaluvs for my past few children. They are great diapers. I have cloth diapered all 5 of my children and wish I had Kissaluvs since the beginning.

Friday, March 12, 2010

giveaways 3/12

It seems about every other day I read about a new carseat out that has some great new features. I love it because it means that manufacturers are working really hard to make really safe seats that are also easy to use. The True Fit Rebound Car Seat by is truly one of those great new seats. I am hoping to win one at Just for Me and You. THank you The Learning Curve for this fabulous opportunity.

First pigtails

I put pigtails in Miliana's hair for the first time today. I didn't have two of the same hairbows for them so they look a little naked...but still wayyyy too cute.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaways 3/10

Pack a lot of lunches like I do? You will want to check out the giveaway at Barefoot Mommies. Its for Easy Lunchboxes. I love the little containers you pack up with food. These would make my lunch packing so much easier.

I love See Kai Run Shoes! They have amazing selections of just the cutest shoes and they are so well made, too. If you are always on the lookout for giveaways for these great shoes then you will be happy to know that Mommy Googles has one right now!!

If you have children of car seat age, chances are pretty good that you would love to own a Britax car seat. I know I would! You can visit My Organized Chaos for an opportunity to win Britax's Advocate CS Convertible. It looks like a really great seat!

Here is a great opportunity to win! Here at Organic Girl you can win a great prize pack from 3 Little Monkeys. Look at everything included:

That's one great prize! What a fun box to get in the mail that would be.

Even if you don't want to enter this contest, you will want to visit 3 Little Monkeys. They have such a wonderful selection of great quality items. I am really wanting a nice baby carrier and I was really impressed with the selection they have. Beco, Babyhawk, Ergo and Moby only name a few!

I need a double stroller, at least, but if you are looking for a single you will be interested to know they carry the popular Bugaboo line.

I am slightly baby bath and body products obsessed. 3 Little MOnkeys has some lines that are new to me and also some of my favorites like Little Twig.

3 Little Monkeys also has a blog. They run this really cute monthly contest on it. Its the My Funny Lunch contest. You make a funny face out of various foods and send them your picture and are entered to win a prize. I am definitely going to think this over in the next few days so that I can enter the March competition.

Be Nice Prenatal Giveaway

You may already know I am a big fan of Be Nice Prenatal drink mixes. It tastes great and keeps me from grabbing a soft drink when I crave something sweet around 2:30 in the afternoon. If you are breastfeeding mama, are pregnant or trying to conceive, I highly recommend this product!

Currently there is a giveaway for a box of Be Nice at Hearts and Hands

giveaways 3/9

You can win a video monitor to watch and listen to baby at Cool Baby Kid! I have always wanted one of these and this one by Summer looks fantastic.

After 11 years and 5 babies, my changing table, which was not too expensive, is not in great shape. I would LOVE to win this one from Stork Craft. I entered at Two of a Kind!

Monday, March 8, 2010

giveaways 3/8

Another blog giving away the fantastic Mrs. Smith's Diaper bag! Visit Just for Me and You for a chance to win! These bags will keep you so organized and are a must if you have more than one child! Very cute styles available.

I never used to think i would need a flat iron. After seeing them reviwed, however, I now really want one. I really think it would make my hair look better. You can go enter to win one at Blessings Bound Mommy.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Dyson Animal Giveaway

I totally need a new vacuum. If I could pick absolutely any vacuum I think it would be a Dyson and most likely the Animal one since we have quite a few pets that just happen to be extra hairy! (not that I would turn down ANY vacuum at this point!!!) I was super excited to see Organic Girl/Today's Diva has a giveaway for just that -- a Dyson Animal! The giveaway goes until May 18, so that's lots of chances to get extra tweets in!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

giveaways 3/3

Recently my daughter and I got to create an item from Fashion Playtes. Its really a fun thing to do. You start with one of the base clothing items they have (shirts, dresses, jackets, hats etc) then start adding items on it to make it an original creation. Ruffles, ribbons, underlayers, flowers, etc. They even have some sparkle "bling" which was ever so popular with my daughter! Its great fun. Right now you can enter to win a gift certificate at Annies Home and give your daughter a chance to be a designer too!

What a neat idea. This pacifier clip from Templeton Silver turns in to a bracelet once paci days are over! This giveaway is for a cat's eye one, which is available in several colors suitable for both boys and girls. Stop by Cool Baby Kid to check it out!

You can win a bounce house!

Do your kids love those inflatable bounce at carnivals and fairs? Mine sure do! Did you know you can purchase them for your very own home? My children would love that. I actually think bounce houses are a great alternative to trampolines. They just seem safer to me. Its sort of a funny thing for me to say, however, because 2 years ago my daughter broke her leg in a bounce house. Still, I feel safer seeing them in one than on a trampoline. Because my kids would love it so much, I am planning on entering J Leigh Designz giveaway coming up next month.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

giveaways 3/2

Finding a good place for my daughter's bow has always been an issue for me. Now that I have 2 daughters its an even bigger problem. These bow holders from Shelly's Tutus are just adorable! I love them and hope to win one from the Jamie's Precious Peas giveaway!!

I have to say, Mrs. Smith's diaper bags are just the best thought out designs I have ever seen! I love them! A disorganized diaper bag is a pet peeve of mine. There is a giveaway going on right now at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports for one of these fantastic bags!

My Daughter has been wanting a My Twinn Doll for many years! Every since she could flip through catalog pages she has had a copy of the newest My Twinn Catalog in her bedroom. Eventually it ends up in tatters from over usage. She would LOVE it if I won the My Twinn Doll Giveaway on Happily Domestic...LOVE IT. For anyone not familiar with My Twinn Dolls, they make a doll that closely resembles your little girl! Very neat!!

I would love to win this fancy little phone from Rockin Mama! So long old-hand-me-down-ancient-worn-out-cast-off-from-my-husband of a phone!! I want to sport the Verizon Palm Pre Plus!! You can enter here