Friday, February 19, 2010

Tummy Tub review

I recently got a Tummy Tub for Miliana. Now I will admit the first time I saw a Tummy Tub was a couple of years ago and I thought it was quite odd.

Over the years I have had a hard time finding a good bath time solution for my babies. First, I have very large babies (my biggest was 11 lbs at birth). The infant tub I have I received when I was having my first child. Its neat in that the top and bottom fold over for storage so its smaller and takes up less space. But in order to accommodate that design, your usable water space is quite small. When I would add one of my mammoth size babies in it inevitably the water would rise enough to leak out those spaces enabling it to fold. Plus, it was really hard to use any of the water as the baby filled the tub leaving this small amount of water underneath them...somewhere. Also, most of the baby was hanging out of the water, naked and cold.

After trying a couple other bath time solutions I am so thrilled to have found the Tummy Tub now. I wondered, however, how Miliana take to this new tub since she was 4 months old when I got it. Is it something they have to be used to since their first bathings? Miliana LOVES her Tummy Tub. She pulls up her legs and chews her foot, she splashes and kicks her legs up, she pulls up to stand and jumps back down (my other children like to refer to this move as the "tidal wave" as it does create quite the splash!) and occasionally she just sits back and enjoys the water surrounding her.

I love that she is covered with water all the way up to her shoulders. She stays warm. She stays happy. I love that it takes barely any water at all to achieve that, too. I let the water run into the Tummy Tub for maybe 3 seconds and its filled. Its takes that little. I can carry the filled tub with one hand no straining to put it where ever I choose to bathe Miliana. Its so easy to dump out the water after the bath, too, since its so light.

My husband likes to make fun of the Tummy Tub. He calls it a bucket or will ask "are you going to put her in her garbage can for her bath?" But even he can not deny the girl LOVES that tub.

I would LOVE to have the stand for the Tummy Tub. That would make it really nice.

I really can't think of any negatives about this tub. You do have to really hang on to a newborn supporting their chin up but you should be attentive to your newborn in any tub so I wouldn't call that a negative. Again, you have to watch any baby in the tub because if they slip down or look down too far their face will be in the water. I think babies should be that attended to in any tub, however. Miliana likes to pull up and jump. I have to hang on to the tub when she does that so it doesn't tip. But she's a pretty wild girl. Hopefully yours would be more calm at bath time!

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