Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tot Yoga

I recently reviewed Tot Yoga a Yoga for You and Your Tot Dvd. I received this item as part of the Happy and Healthy Mom review panel.

The thought behind this Dvd is that you can perform simple relaxed style yoga with your child (the dvd states a target age of 10 months to 3 years). Exercising in this interactive way, it states, will increase bonding, reduce stress, encourage sleep and of course, increase physical activity. Besides the segment featuring poses and moves you can perform with your tot, there are moves featured for parents alone.

What did I like when I tested this in my home with my children? Well, first, the instructor, Khadi Madama is a regular person. Often you get an exercise video and you watch a surgically enhanced near perfection supermodel of a person who does little more than exercise all day 7 days a week breeze through a series of movements that you know you will never master in the time a normal person with a normal everyday life can devote to focused exercise. The instruction in this dvd is totally "do-able" even if you have never done a yoga pose in your life. The participants filmed are regular people. The children featured don't robotically follow along in a blissful perfect manner, rather they can be seen not performing every move, talking out during filming, dragging little chairs into the set etc. Just like my children would/did!

I tried doing this dvd with my 2 1/2 year old son, Evan. Although he was the target age, he had very little interest in this slow moving form of exercise. Evan would have much preferred something like Kick Boxing, that's just Evan. My baby is a little too young currently but when she got fussy watching, we pulled her in and helped her stretch out a bit and performed the poses around her which interested her for a while.

My daughter was my photographer so she didn't join in but every other child did join in, without being prompted to, at one point or another. They where quite interested in it and thought it was fun to do. The child that liked it best was my 5 year old. He had the attention span, at his age, to stay with it, listen to the instructor and follow what he was told to do. He would have performed the whole entire thing with me, I believe, if I had let him. He is currently awaiting surgery, however, and is suppose to be on very little physical activity in the meantime. So I only let him test this out a few minutes.

So if you have a super active boy in the target age, this may not be enough to hold his interest. I think a more laid back or slightly older child, like my 5 year old, would really enjoy spending time with you while you reached and stretched together.

You can find the Tot Yoga Dvd at their website here