Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pearl Paradise.com review

Back in December I won some pearls from PearlParadise.com. It was very exciting for me! I don't get many things just for me and I have always loved pearls. First of all, I can say that PearlParadise.com shipped very quickly. Sometimes you wait months for things you win to actually arrive. I am not sure if a whole week even went by before I received my pearls. I eagerly opened my package and found the lovely box they came in. It looks very elegant and if you were giving your pearls as a gift all you would need to do is pop a bow on the box.

I was amazed at how heavy real pearls are! Nothing like beads or costume fakes. I love the luster and sheen the pearls had. The clasp on the necklaces is very nice. I was told once you can always recognize nice jewelry by the type of clasp it has. Not only does this clasp assure you it won't accidentally fall off, it has a couple steps to closing and opening it, its also very pretty and fancy looking itself.

I love wearing my pearls and would be tempted to wear them almost everyday, but with a small infant who likes to grab, pull and try to eat jewelry right now, I wear them much less frequently now. But its a treat every time I put them on.

Right now Potamus Prefers has a giveaway going on for pearl earrings from PearlParadise.com. You can go enter here. I am entering, myself, because I would love some more pearl jewelry!

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