Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need this Oreck Steam It mop

We have a lot of hard floors in our home. Living in the country with lots of kids, pets and a husband, my floors get dirty, really dirty. I am always struggling trying to find a good solution to clean these floors. I have tried many different mops. The problem with mopping with a water bucket is that once you do a few passes on your floor, you dip your mop back into the bucket....and get dirty water again. So you start spreading the dirty water on the floor from that point on. I have tried things like the Swiffer Wet Jet. My problem with that is I don't like to use chemicals in my cleaning and you have to use their cleaning solution bottle with it. Also, I mop daily and buying all that solution plus the pads gets really expensive.

I have been looking at the Steam mops lately. It seems like the perfect solution. You are using only hot water to clean and there are no buckets of dirty water. The Oreck Steam it sounds wonderful. A bonus with the The Steam-It is that it has a unique, pressurized vapor chamber, which makes it easy to clean above the floor without spilling. I love that you reuse your cleaning pads so you don't have to keep rebuying throw away type.

I entered to win an Oreck Steam it at The Mommy Files.

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