Friday, February 5, 2010

giveaways 2/5

I love pretty lingerie. I am so excited that nursing bras are available in pretty feminine styles these days. When I had my first child over 10 years ago all that was available were bras in white or beige. They were very ...ummm...utility looking. I was thrilled when I had my second child that I found a nursing bra in black. Now there are so many colors and styles available. Hot milk makes nursing bras that are so pretty you would never guess they are indeed nursing bras. Seriously. Beautiful. The Fabulous Won has a great Hot Milk giveaway right now!

My five year old is facing surgery soon. He has to be calm and still until his surgery (which could not be scheduled until the end of this month) and on bedrest for a week after his surgery and then real calm for 3 more weeks. THats about 2 months of calmness out of a kid that has a real hard time with being calm. A Webkinz Jr would be perfect to help entertain him during this time. They are designed for kids his age so the games online would be ones he could do on his own. He would also have a huggable stuffed pal to take with him to the hospital and cuddle while he recovers. I entered to win one at Life with 5 Monkies and 1 Ape.

At Organic Girl you can enter to win an organic Ergobaby Carrier. I have been dreaming of owning an Ergo.

Since Nolan is facing surgery, I would love to win this Build a Bear gift card so that he could go get a new friend to brave surgery with. You can enter too at Ladybug Soup.

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