Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giveaways 2/3

How do you feel about chocolate? Love it? Thought so. Well how would you like to win a big old box of it? I would love to! I entered to win a box of Ritter Sport mini bars at Busy Mom Media. You can too here.

My kitchen faucet has serious issues. It seems to have gotton stuck twisted pretty far to the side. I am afraid to try to force it to move for the fear that it just might break off...a pretty rational fear seeing as how it is about the cheapest faucet on this planet. I think you could break it pretty easily. I would love a new one. I would love this one from Price Pfister. I am hoping to win it at One 2 Try. You can enter this great giveaway as well here.

ANother chance at an Oreck! I am determined to win one of these things! Trust me, its much needed...ever seen a woman vacuum her entire house on her hands and knees crawling because her vacuum no long pushes and cleans. yes I have to crawl with the hose to clean. I entered at Mom Focus.

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