Tuesday, February 23, 2010

giveaways 2/24

At Just For Me and You there is a neat giveaway for a Tidy Books bookshelf. This is perfect because just a couple days ago I decided that rather than have all the books in one location I would like each child to have their books in their rooms on bookshelves. This would be great for Nolan and Evan's room.

I have been a big advocate for longer carseat/booster seat usage for a long time. I am glad to see a lot of states are making longer carseat and boosters mandatory. You can enter to win this great looking booster seat from The First Years at Busy Mom Media

Visit Busy Mom Media to win the Britax stroller. I love this cow print! How unique and fun.

I recently tried soapnuts for laundry. Today I found another great product that uses soapnuts. Its a liquid that can be used for all the things you use soapnuts for, but the soap power has been extracted for you so its super easy to use. Visit Happily Domestic and get a chance to win some.

Monday, February 22, 2010

fantastic girl prizes...check it out

If you have a daughter or two or more you will want to check out Happily Domestic. They will be having a girl event with some great prizes for your little princess. If you head over soon you can even get extra entries in the upcoming event that starts on March 1!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need this Oreck Steam It mop

We have a lot of hard floors in our home. Living in the country with lots of kids, pets and a husband, my floors get dirty, really dirty. I am always struggling trying to find a good solution to clean these floors. I have tried many different mops. The problem with mopping with a water bucket is that once you do a few passes on your floor, you dip your mop back into the bucket....and get dirty water again. So you start spreading the dirty water on the floor from that point on. I have tried things like the Swiffer Wet Jet. My problem with that is I don't like to use chemicals in my cleaning and you have to use their cleaning solution bottle with it. Also, I mop daily and buying all that solution plus the pads gets really expensive.

I have been looking at the Steam mops lately. It seems like the perfect solution. You are using only hot water to clean and there are no buckets of dirty water. The Oreck Steam it sounds wonderful. A bonus with the The Steam-It is that it has a unique, pressurized vapor chamber, which makes it easy to clean above the floor without spilling. I love that you reuse your cleaning pads so you don't have to keep rebuying throw away type.

I entered to win an Oreck Steam it at The Mommy Files.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tummy Tub review

I recently got a Tummy Tub for Miliana. Now I will admit the first time I saw a Tummy Tub was a couple of years ago and I thought it was quite odd.

Over the years I have had a hard time finding a good bath time solution for my babies. First, I have very large babies (my biggest was 11 lbs at birth). The infant tub I have I received when I was having my first child. Its neat in that the top and bottom fold over for storage so its smaller and takes up less space. But in order to accommodate that design, your usable water space is quite small. When I would add one of my mammoth size babies in it inevitably the water would rise enough to leak out those spaces enabling it to fold. Plus, it was really hard to use any of the water as the baby filled the tub leaving this small amount of water underneath them...somewhere. Also, most of the baby was hanging out of the water, naked and cold.

After trying a couple other bath time solutions I am so thrilled to have found the Tummy Tub now. I wondered, however, how Miliana take to this new tub since she was 4 months old when I got it. Is it something they have to be used to since their first bathings? Miliana LOVES her Tummy Tub. She pulls up her legs and chews her foot, she splashes and kicks her legs up, she pulls up to stand and jumps back down (my other children like to refer to this move as the "tidal wave" as it does create quite the splash!) and occasionally she just sits back and enjoys the water surrounding her.

I love that she is covered with water all the way up to her shoulders. She stays warm. She stays happy. I love that it takes barely any water at all to achieve that, too. I let the water run into the Tummy Tub for maybe 3 seconds and its filled. Its takes that little. I can carry the filled tub with one hand no straining to put it where ever I choose to bathe Miliana. Its so easy to dump out the water after the bath, too, since its so light.

My husband likes to make fun of the Tummy Tub. He calls it a bucket or will ask "are you going to put her in her garbage can for her bath?" But even he can not deny the girl LOVES that tub.

I would LOVE to have the stand for the Tummy Tub. That would make it really nice.

I really can't think of any negatives about this tub. You do have to really hang on to a newborn supporting their chin up but you should be attentive to your newborn in any tub so I wouldn't call that a negative. Again, you have to watch any baby in the tub because if they slip down or look down too far their face will be in the water. I think babies should be that attended to in any tub, however. Miliana likes to pull up and jump. I have to hang on to the tub when she does that so it doesn't tip. But she's a pretty wild girl. Hopefully yours would be more calm at bath time!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coffee please!

Wow what a terrible night of sleep! Miliana had me up over and over. If she wakes up and nurses and falls back asleep, its not big deal to me. I sort of sleep through it. But last night was one where she woke repeatedly upset. She cried and she screamed. NOt a crying scream but a scream like if I told you to scream right now. She does have a few top teeth coming in and I wonder if that's the issue. Getting awoken repeatedly like that certainly makes you tired in the a.m. What do I need this morning...coffee!! Being tired makes it hard to deal with the play chainsaw running inches from my face right now, that's for sure.

We don't even own a coffee maker right now. I have been holding out on getting another. WHy? Because I am dreaming of a Keurig! Thats what I really want. I can't remember the last time we needed a full pot of coffee brewed here. We drink one cup max each and that's not even everyday. THis just makes sense. Plus the kids could get their hot chocolate, the kids and I like hot tea too. Ice tea, how neat is that?

The perfect senario? Well that would be me winning this one from Natural Mommie! There is a giveaway on her site right now for a Keurig and K cups as well. I just entered!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Dr Miliana..Paging Dr. Miliana

The kids dressed the baby up in their doctor costume...what a cute little surgeon she is!

Tot Yoga

I recently reviewed Tot Yoga a Yoga for You and Your Tot Dvd. I received this item as part of the Happy and Healthy Mom review panel.

The thought behind this Dvd is that you can perform simple relaxed style yoga with your child (the dvd states a target age of 10 months to 3 years). Exercising in this interactive way, it states, will increase bonding, reduce stress, encourage sleep and of course, increase physical activity. Besides the segment featuring poses and moves you can perform with your tot, there are moves featured for parents alone.

What did I like when I tested this in my home with my children? Well, first, the instructor, Khadi Madama is a regular person. Often you get an exercise video and you watch a surgically enhanced near perfection supermodel of a person who does little more than exercise all day 7 days a week breeze through a series of movements that you know you will never master in the time a normal person with a normal everyday life can devote to focused exercise. The instruction in this dvd is totally "do-able" even if you have never done a yoga pose in your life. The participants filmed are regular people. The children featured don't robotically follow along in a blissful perfect manner, rather they can be seen not performing every move, talking out during filming, dragging little chairs into the set etc. Just like my children would/did!

I tried doing this dvd with my 2 1/2 year old son, Evan. Although he was the target age, he had very little interest in this slow moving form of exercise. Evan would have much preferred something like Kick Boxing, that's just Evan. My baby is a little too young currently but when she got fussy watching, we pulled her in and helped her stretch out a bit and performed the poses around her which interested her for a while.

My daughter was my photographer so she didn't join in but every other child did join in, without being prompted to, at one point or another. They where quite interested in it and thought it was fun to do. The child that liked it best was my 5 year old. He had the attention span, at his age, to stay with it, listen to the instructor and follow what he was told to do. He would have performed the whole entire thing with me, I believe, if I had let him. He is currently awaiting surgery, however, and is suppose to be on very little physical activity in the meantime. So I only let him test this out a few minutes.

So if you have a super active boy in the target age, this may not be enough to hold his interest. I think a more laid back or slightly older child, like my 5 year old, would really enjoy spending time with you while you reached and stretched together.

You can find the Tot Yoga Dvd at their website here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Win a Boba carrier at My Wee View. Boba's look fantastic as they can carry a large weight limit comfortably. They also have great versitility since they can be worn on the back or front.

If you're a nursing mom you will also want to enter the giveaway for Experssiva Nursingwear at My Wee View. They have lovely styles and you will get to pick the item you want if you win.

Visit Jabbering Jessi to get the chance to win a $200 gift certificate to MOdern Wall Graphics.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You could win an Ergo carrier

This is a great one! You can win an Ergo baby carrier from The Shopping Mama. I have really been wanting an Ergo. My babies are so big and heavy its hard to comfortably carry them in many carriers. Ergo promises comfort to both the wearer and rider. Its the only carrier you will need and you will use it for years to come. You also get the infant insert in this giveaway! Fantastic!

My Suga' Baby: Home

I found a really neat site today. A baby shop with simply adorable things. This is what the website says "
Welcome to My Suga' Baby! I designed this website because I wanted to "dress" up the everyday products that us moms use. Buying from me insures you get a unique product, handmade by me with high quality fabric. Use the link bar above to see all of the different items that I offer. I am adding to my site all the time so come back!!!"

You really must go browse around...and go get your credit card before you even start, your gonna need it!

on my wish list:

My Suga' Baby: Home

Momtrends Baby Shower Giveaway - Momtrends

Momtrends Baby Shower Giveaway - Momtrends

Prizes include:

Lillebaby EveryWhere Carriers (One Organic and One Sport)
Lansinoh products
Pretty Pushers maternity gift
Belly Bump Boutique - 1 free rental of Maternity Formal Wear

And to make it even more amazing...two winners will be chosen! Not just one, two! This is one giveaway you just HAVE to check out!!

The Funky Monkey: Protect-A-Bed: Premium Mattress Protector in the size of your choice Giveaway

The Funky Monkey: Protect-A-Bed: Premium Mattress Protector in the size of your choice Giveaway

Friday, February 12, 2010

giveaways 2/12

How often are you out somewhere and need a washcloth and don't have one? Maybe you need to clean off a picnic table or playground equipment. Maybe you need to wipe off a little one after eating a snack in the car or at the park. Maybe you get your hands gooky when pumping gas....you get the idea. It happens a lot, right? Well, with Wysi you can always have a washcloth near because they come tiny and dry and with just a small amount of water and soap, if you wish, become a full size useable washcloth. Keep some in your bag, your car, your desk at work. Enter daily to win a daily prize of Wysi wipes at Organic Girl.

Enter to win this great snuggle blanket for kids at Rockin Mama. I think that it would be perfect for Nolan after his surgery.

YOu can win the pair of mocassins of your choice from Nowali. Just visit Bragging Mommy to enter. These are so cute.

You can win a CO detector at MomStart. These are very important to protect our families from hidden deadly dangers. Everyone should go enter.

Win this huge prize package from Earth's Best. THey make exceptional baby foods and other baby products that have your baby's health in mind. Just go to Cool Baby Kid to enter.

Buckeyes for Haiti

The Buckeyes For Haiti Solace Auction is set to begin on this Monday February, 15th at 12:01 am! Money is being raised to send to Partners in Health in Haiti. While some items are local to Columbus Ohio only, others are nationwide so everyone will want to check this out. The auction can be found on the www.feedyourpig.com blog. Auctions will include items from Rubbermaid, Carolina Pad, Ecostore Usa and more.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

giveaways 2/11

Uneaks shoes are so fun. They have a little window where you can see fun printed socks you are wearing. My 5 year old has some and just loves them. I would love to win a pair for my 2 year old also. I entered to win at Mom Most Traveled.

Cool Baby Kid has a really unique teething necklace on giveaway from Sonny and Reed right now. I have never seen one like this. Right now I am up at 2 a.m. because my daugther is cutting in 6 teeth at once and will not sleep. During the day she is crabby and bites and pulls my hair out. This would really come in handy right about now! Mom wears it, baby chews it!

Visit Just for Me and You and enter to win this play yard from Bright Starts. For home, for travel these are great to have. This one has great features, too.

WHile at Just for me and you go here to enter to win a Black Diamond wood and laminate floor cleaning system. It looks great for those of us who have a house full of hard floors.

Sign Up for the Free Betty Crocker email Newsletter and get Ten Dollars in Valuable Savings

Sign Up for the Free Betty Crocker email Newsletter and get Ten Dollars in Valuable Savings

giveaways 2/10

I am really hoping to win one of these Aden + Anais sleeping sacs that are popping up everywhere this week! Its always so chilly in our house that I put one of these type sleep sacs on Miliana even during the day when she is awake. I entered to win one at Night Owl Mama and you could enter too here.

I'd love to win a Dyson

I am still in desperate need of a vacuum. I am dreading tomorrow because I haven't vacuumed in a couple days and that means I will be crawling on my hands and knees for hours using that broken one I have. After I spend hours doing it, it still looks bad. I entered to win at Fun and Funky Mommy, If you need one you should go enter too. Dysons are super vacuums!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

giveaways 2/9

You can win this Slither scooter from Pulse at Mom Focus. Just go here to enter. It looks like lots of fun and I am sure my children would love to try it out.

Win an Aden+Anais sleep sac at Jabbering Jessi. Just go here to enter.

Also at Jabbering Jesse you can win this pearl necklace from Pearl Paradise.

And what I think is most fantastic at Jabbering Jessi is the Ergo baby carrier giveaway! I would LOVE to win this one! You get ERGObaby HandsFree System which consists of the ERGObaby Carrier (valued $105.00), a Front Pouch (valued $21.00) and Backpack Carrier (valued $49.00). Complete prize value is $175.00.

Pearl Paradise.com review

Back in December I won some pearls from PearlParadise.com. It was very exciting for me! I don't get many things just for me and I have always loved pearls. First of all, I can say that PearlParadise.com shipped very quickly. Sometimes you wait months for things you win to actually arrive. I am not sure if a whole week even went by before I received my pearls. I eagerly opened my package and found the lovely box they came in. It looks very elegant and if you were giving your pearls as a gift all you would need to do is pop a bow on the box.

I was amazed at how heavy real pearls are! Nothing like beads or costume fakes. I love the luster and sheen the pearls had. The clasp on the necklaces is very nice. I was told once you can always recognize nice jewelry by the type of clasp it has. Not only does this clasp assure you it won't accidentally fall off, it has a couple steps to closing and opening it, its also very pretty and fancy looking itself.

I love wearing my pearls and would be tempted to wear them almost everyday, but with a small infant who likes to grab, pull and try to eat jewelry right now, I wear them much less frequently now. But its a treat every time I put them on.

Right now Potamus Prefers has a giveaway going on for pearl earrings from PearlParadise.com. You can go enter here. I am entering, myself, because I would love some more pearl jewelry!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny things kids say

I have posted before some of the funny things Nolan has said. Today he said something that was funny and heartbreaking at the same time. He was watching the birds outside the window, a favorite pastime of his, and said "Oh, look at the cute birdie. I wish I was a bird. That would be fun, and birds don't have to have surgery". I think he is starting to worry a bit.

A few days ago he was asking lots of questions about how they put you to sleep and what it would feel like to be asleep like that.

Unfortunately, we found out that Rainbow Babies and Children is not on our insurance so we could not take an appointment to have his surgery completed on last Thursday. We have the issue all straight now. He will have surgery not at the hospital but a surgery center. However, the really bad news is he has to wait until the very end of the month to get in. That's really crazy. I have to try to keep him calm all that time. Its not going so well, that keeping calm bit. The more he moves around the further his intestines begin to protrude out too. I am just hoping we can avoid having to go in with an emergency issue before the end of the month.

giveaways 2/8

You can win a cute crochet visor beanie with or without a flower added. Just visit Just for Me and You here.

I bake about every other day. I would have a lot of fun with the giveaway at Two of a Kind. You can win a Wilton big decorating pack. Looks like fun!

I have come to have a real obsession with diaper bags. Its a bit surprising because I was never a person really into purses or anything. THis Kemby diaper bag is one of the most unique I have ever seen. A baby carrier folds out from within so that you can haul baby around without carrying extra gear. Love the idea. You can enter at the Shopping Mama.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

giveaways 2/6

At The Bragging Mommy you can enter to win a Build a Bear gift card. THis is their new cute dog available now. If you are planning a trip soon make sure you print off the coupons on Bragging Mommy's site ad earn free sound in the animal you make.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Win at Tot to Go

Tot to go has a giveaway going on for February. Use the link above to go enter. You can win a nursing cover and sling in this Angela pattern. They really do have very pretty slings etc for baby and you. Their prices are very reasonable too...RIght now the nursing covers are on sale for $15.

Go over and sign up to be a google follower even if you don't enter this giveaway. If they reach 200 followers everyone will get a $15 coupon. So follow and spread the word to others as well!

Friday, February 5, 2010

giveaways 2/5

I love pretty lingerie. I am so excited that nursing bras are available in pretty feminine styles these days. When I had my first child over 10 years ago all that was available were bras in white or beige. They were very ...ummm...utility looking. I was thrilled when I had my second child that I found a nursing bra in black. Now there are so many colors and styles available. Hot milk makes nursing bras that are so pretty you would never guess they are indeed nursing bras. Seriously. Beautiful. The Fabulous Won has a great Hot Milk giveaway right now!

My five year old is facing surgery soon. He has to be calm and still until his surgery (which could not be scheduled until the end of this month) and on bedrest for a week after his surgery and then real calm for 3 more weeks. THats about 2 months of calmness out of a kid that has a real hard time with being calm. A Webkinz Jr would be perfect to help entertain him during this time. They are designed for kids his age so the games online would be ones he could do on his own. He would also have a huggable stuffed pal to take with him to the hospital and cuddle while he recovers. I entered to win one at Life with 5 Monkies and 1 Ape.

At Organic Girl you can enter to win an organic Ergobaby Carrier. I have been dreaming of owning an Ergo.

Since Nolan is facing surgery, I would love to win this Build a Bear gift card so that he could go get a new friend to brave surgery with. You can enter too at Ladybug Soup.