Thursday, January 21, 2010

Win a Showerhead at Potamus Prefers

About two years ago I stopped using the Master Bathroom in our house. There is a whole story to it. My husband put the bathroom in himself. If you know anything about my husband you know he is the King of Unfinished projects. Every room in our house needed major remodeling when we bought this house. Every room has a long list of projects that still are not finished and have been unfinished for many many years. Its one of those things that drive me completely mad as I am a very organized person who hates things uncompleted. It drives me to absolute misery. One project that went unfinished for years in the master bathroom was caulking around the jacuzzi tub. Yes, a simple, easy non time consuming thing yet it never got done. Water would get behind the tiles. After a few years the tub actually fell into the crawlspace that is under that part of the house. Yes, fell. Good thing that part of the house is on a crawlspace and not basement like most of the house. We would have had a tub fall into the basement...much more dramatic than into a crawlspace! It didn't fall all at once. It loosened and slipped a bit by bit. When I saw the gapping starting I stopping using the bathroom. Now the tub sits in the crawl space, the whole floor is weak and leans dramatically downward tword the tub area and there is so much mold in there that its a major eco hazard I am sure....yet my husband still uses that bathroom to shower in everyday!!! unbelievable. He uses that tub sitting down in the crawl space!!

When I no longer used that bathroom I had to move and share a bathroom with the children. Its not a fun thing. They get toothpaste all over everything. Everything. They often get into things like my makeup and turn up all my lipsticks and stuff the caps back on, drop my eyeshadow compacts breaking the product into pieces, etc. The tub in that bathroom is miserably small. I miss my jacuzzi tub for sure. The showerhead is old. Its nothing fancy. It needs replaced as the seal on it is not good and 1/2 your water flow leaks out before it reaches the sprayer. So you get a real weak sputtering waterflow. It takes me forever to rinse out my super long, waist length hair because of it. I could really use a new shower head.

I entered to win this Waterpik Easy Select at Potamus Prefers. I think it would really help me get a great start to my day when I take my daily shower. My few minutes in the shower is the only me time I get and often there is a baby hollering at me outside the curtain and a toddler crying outside the door and a preschooler getting into mischief elsewhere in the house. So, making that time pleasant would be great!

You can enter to win too by using the link above. Hurry because this giveaway will end Friday, January 22, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Central Time

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