Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great giveaways at Minnesota Mama's Must Haves

Mimmesota Mama is having a Bringing Home Baby event and she has some great giveaways going on that I was happy to find and enter. Use the following links if you would like to enter as well.

First Earth Mama Angel Baby is offering a $25 gift certificate. They have products for pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and baby care. One other product section I saw and appreciated was the Baby Loss Comfort one. If you have ever been through this awful tragedy, as I have, you will also appreciate the thoughtful items. There are teas and baths etc to help comfort and soothe your body and mind at a time when you need it most. Click here to

You will definately want to enter to win the Safety First Air Protect carseat. Since I have four of my 5 children needing to be in car or booster seats, I am always on the lookout for newer safer technologies in carseats. I saw this carseat before it was even available for purchase at Babies R Us some time ago. I was really impressed as it looked like one amazingly safe and well thought out seat! I am hoping to win it here.

I have had a child in diapers, if not full time at least at nights, for the past 11 years non stop. You could take all the disposable diapers I ever used during that time and fit them in a very small bag. I am a cloth diaper user. Things have changed so much since I began my cloth diaper journey with my first. Diapers have come a long way and its wonderful. I eagerly read about Softbums diapers and thought "oh yeah, I want some!". They sound fantastic and I would love to win one here to try out!

There are some great product reviews on this event as well. Be sure to check them out.

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