Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giveaways 1/23

At J Leigh Designz you can enter to win a pair of Crocs Claire boots. I have to admit, I didn't know Crocs came in so many styles. I have only every noticed the traditional Crocs and knew there would be no way my husband would approve of me wearing those. They have all sorts of shoes and I love their boots! They are really cute. YOu can enter to win a pair of Croc boots here.

Just today I looked at my skin in the mirror in the van and thought "ewww, my skin looks so dry". I have never really suffered much from dry skin before so I was a little surprized. I made a note that I just might have to start wearing a moisturizer. Yes, I never wear moisterizer. I don't even wash my face with anything other than plain water. In recent months I have started to think, however, that it may be time for me to start getting on board with fighting the aging process and begin buying and using products for that. I have no idea where to start, however. Seeing the giveaway on Two of a Kind has me thinking the Clarisonic Mia just may be the perfect start. Using the link above you can enter to win one for yourself.

I have been trying to win one of these Mts Smith's diaper bags for a while now! Every giveaway I enter and try really hard but have not won yet! I am hoping this giveaway on My Wee View is finally going to be "the one"! I am having a hard time picking which color I would want, though. There are a few I really like! You can enter to win too by using the link.

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A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Great giveaways. Thanks for the post:)