Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny Things from 1/23

With 5 young children there is a lot of chatter around here. Its odd to have a quiet moment, really. They even talk in their sleep off and on! Sometimes one will say some pretty funny things. My Nolan is famous for his "funnies".

Often when we are driving I use the time to quiz the children on things they are learning in school. One day I asked Nolan "which is your right hand" he raised it correctly. Then he said "I know why they call it the right hand".

"why" I responded.

"Because its on the right side" he said. It made me chuckle but it got even better...he proceded to say "I know why they call it the left hand....because its the one left over"

mystery solved.

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2 kids and a cat said...

Cute. Kids say the cutest things, and to them it's all so matter of fact. My kids crack me up.