Sunday, January 31, 2010

Giveaways on 1/31

I got a bit behind in entering giveaways. I had a busy day Friday taking my son to the surgeon and then just sort of soaking everything in and sorting things out the following days. Some of these giveaways may have been around a couple days already although I am just getting to enter them.

At The Shopping Mama you can win a Think Baby set that consists of two baby bottles and a conversion kit that makes them sippy cups. They are all BPA free and safe for your baby.

Some time ago my 2 year old decided he would no longer be sitting in a high chair. He loves sitting on a chair like everyone else. He is too short, of course, so he spends most of the time half standing on his chair and I am constantly saying "sit down you are going to fall" and yes he has fallen off more than once. This is such a great idea I can't believe I never thought to look for this before. THe Kaboost raises your child's chair so that they are at a better height but they are still sitting in that big kid chair. Everyone's happy. Visit Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports to enter to win.

The Baby Dipper is a great idea. I love that that bottom of the bowl is made no-slip so you can easily scoop out baby's food, even one handed, or your new eater can feed herself much more easily. You can win one at The Mommy Files,

Friday, January 29, 2010

ShooShoos USA - Soft leather baby shoes, infant shoes, and toddler shoes

Today ShooShoos tempted me with an offer I could not refuse. I am not really an impulse buyer. I plan and compare and hesitate before buying pretty much anything. When I saw this sale today, however, I could not refuse.

Like most women, I love shoes. I REALLY love baby shoes, however. My last two children were boys and one thing that excited me about having another girl was really sweet girly shoes!

you are allowed 3 pair at a price of $7.95 each! These are originally $19.95 each so you are saving $12 each. Their shipping was pretty reasonable too.

I can't wait to get my order and try out these great looking shoes. I have never owned ShooShoos before so I will have to let you know how I like them.

ShooShoos USA - Soft leather baby shoes, infant shoes, and toddler shoes

Hurry, though. One of the pairs I bought is already sold out and off the website! These are the other two pair I bought!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giveaways 1/26

If you have been a Mom for a while you probably have a slight, I mean small...tiny, obsession with strollers! I admit I do (its very tiny though...really it believe me, right?). When I go out anywhere I look around at the strollers other people are pushing. I compare the fabrics and styles etc. When I see one I have never seen either just never in person or never even knew about, I get excited. I have to check it out, look it over and see what I think. When I saw this giveaway at Two of a Kind I just had to go check it out. A new Zooper stroller I had never seen!! I was sold! I love the high weight limit on it. I entered to win. I bet you will too!

So I got a new laptop today. My old one died a couple months ago. I got a real cheapy one, the cheapest my husband could locate, basically. But to me it means a lot. My computer is my link to the world really. Being a busy mom to 5 small children I don't really have friends I can hang out with, I don't really go anywhere except my trips for groceries and other essentials. My computer provides me something to do especially in the many hours I spend nursing the youngest. I want my new laptop to last and stay protected and keep that great shiny new cover looking nice. I saw this giveaway at J Leigh Designz and thought "perfect timing". Its for a Built NY Laptop sleeve! If you have a laptop you may want to enter as well.

You can win a hand embroidered tee at Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy. Toads and Tiaras has quite a few designs to choose from in sizes up to 6.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great giveaways at Minnesota Mama's Must Haves

Mimmesota Mama is having a Bringing Home Baby event and she has some great giveaways going on that I was happy to find and enter. Use the following links if you would like to enter as well.

First Earth Mama Angel Baby is offering a $25 gift certificate. They have products for pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and baby care. One other product section I saw and appreciated was the Baby Loss Comfort one. If you have ever been through this awful tragedy, as I have, you will also appreciate the thoughtful items. There are teas and baths etc to help comfort and soothe your body and mind at a time when you need it most. Click here to

You will definately want to enter to win the Safety First Air Protect carseat. Since I have four of my 5 children needing to be in car or booster seats, I am always on the lookout for newer safer technologies in carseats. I saw this carseat before it was even available for purchase at Babies R Us some time ago. I was really impressed as it looked like one amazingly safe and well thought out seat! I am hoping to win it here.

I have had a child in diapers, if not full time at least at nights, for the past 11 years non stop. You could take all the disposable diapers I ever used during that time and fit them in a very small bag. I am a cloth diaper user. Things have changed so much since I began my cloth diaper journey with my first. Diapers have come a long way and its wonderful. I eagerly read about Softbums diapers and thought "oh yeah, I want some!". They sound fantastic and I would love to win one here to try out!

There are some great product reviews on this event as well. Be sure to check them out.

Funny Things from 1/23

With 5 young children there is a lot of chatter around here. Its odd to have a quiet moment, really. They even talk in their sleep off and on! Sometimes one will say some pretty funny things. My Nolan is famous for his "funnies".

Often when we are driving I use the time to quiz the children on things they are learning in school. One day I asked Nolan "which is your right hand" he raised it correctly. Then he said "I know why they call it the right hand".

"why" I responded.

"Because its on the right side" he said. It made me chuckle but it got even better...he proceded to say "I know why they call it the left hand....because its the one left over"

mystery solved.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giveaways 1/23

At J Leigh Designz you can enter to win a pair of Crocs Claire boots. I have to admit, I didn't know Crocs came in so many styles. I have only every noticed the traditional Crocs and knew there would be no way my husband would approve of me wearing those. They have all sorts of shoes and I love their boots! They are really cute. YOu can enter to win a pair of Croc boots here.

Just today I looked at my skin in the mirror in the van and thought "ewww, my skin looks so dry". I have never really suffered much from dry skin before so I was a little surprized. I made a note that I just might have to start wearing a moisturizer. Yes, I never wear moisterizer. I don't even wash my face with anything other than plain water. In recent months I have started to think, however, that it may be time for me to start getting on board with fighting the aging process and begin buying and using products for that. I have no idea where to start, however. Seeing the giveaway on Two of a Kind has me thinking the Clarisonic Mia just may be the perfect start. Using the link above you can enter to win one for yourself.

I have been trying to win one of these Mts Smith's diaper bags for a while now! Every giveaway I enter and try really hard but have not won yet! I am hoping this giveaway on My Wee View is finally going to be "the one"! I am having a hard time picking which color I would want, though. There are a few I really like! You can enter to win too by using the link.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Giveaways 1/22

One thing I loved about having a daughter was doing her hair up with pretty things. She, actually, is well known at school for all her cute, matching hair items she wears. I am always on the lookout for cute hair accessories for her. When my newest baby was born recently I was excited to see she had a full head of long hair at birth. She immediately could start wearing hair items..whenever she didn't have a bonnet on that is. Check out the adorable hair items at If you like what you see visit Bragging Mommy and enter to win 4 of these hair cippies of your choice!

If you like to use safe, natural bath and body products on your baby this giveaway will interest you. Organic girl has a giveaway for 2 travel sets of Baby Fresh Organics. I have these products and will tell you, you'll love them. The calming bubble bath smells so good I love using it on my little ones right before bedtime so I can snuggle up to them and smell it all night long. The lotion is so thick and velvety. It goes on smoothly, never greasy like. I just love every product I have tried. I am confident you will too.

I love to wear jewelry that has a special meaning to me. Creating a charm bracelet gives you the opportunity to do just that...make something with meaning. Charm Factory has so many charms you can certainly create a one of a kind bracelet that you will love. I would love to have one made with the hearts with the little crystal birthstones in them and get one put on my bracelet to represent each of my 5 children plus my husband and myself. I entered to win a charm bracelet at Jabbering Jessi and you can too!

My 2 year old and 5 year old love to play restaurant. Since they have no play food they bring me pieces of paper or socks or whatever that I have to pretend is a cheeseburger or icecream sundae or whatever the special of the day is. They would love some pretend play food like the ones made by Melissa and Doug. That's why I was excited to enter this giveaway by One Bored Mommy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Win a Showerhead at Potamus Prefers

About two years ago I stopped using the Master Bathroom in our house. There is a whole story to it. My husband put the bathroom in himself. If you know anything about my husband you know he is the King of Unfinished projects. Every room in our house needed major remodeling when we bought this house. Every room has a long list of projects that still are not finished and have been unfinished for many many years. Its one of those things that drive me completely mad as I am a very organized person who hates things uncompleted. It drives me to absolute misery. One project that went unfinished for years in the master bathroom was caulking around the jacuzzi tub. Yes, a simple, easy non time consuming thing yet it never got done. Water would get behind the tiles. After a few years the tub actually fell into the crawlspace that is under that part of the house. Yes, fell. Good thing that part of the house is on a crawlspace and not basement like most of the house. We would have had a tub fall into the basement...much more dramatic than into a crawlspace! It didn't fall all at once. It loosened and slipped a bit by bit. When I saw the gapping starting I stopping using the bathroom. Now the tub sits in the crawl space, the whole floor is weak and leans dramatically downward tword the tub area and there is so much mold in there that its a major eco hazard I am sure....yet my husband still uses that bathroom to shower in everyday!!! unbelievable. He uses that tub sitting down in the crawl space!!

When I no longer used that bathroom I had to move and share a bathroom with the children. Its not a fun thing. They get toothpaste all over everything. Everything. They often get into things like my makeup and turn up all my lipsticks and stuff the caps back on, drop my eyeshadow compacts breaking the product into pieces, etc. The tub in that bathroom is miserably small. I miss my jacuzzi tub for sure. The showerhead is old. Its nothing fancy. It needs replaced as the seal on it is not good and 1/2 your water flow leaks out before it reaches the sprayer. So you get a real weak sputtering waterflow. It takes me forever to rinse out my super long, waist length hair because of it. I could really use a new shower head.

I entered to win this Waterpik Easy Select at Potamus Prefers. I think it would really help me get a great start to my day when I take my daily shower. My few minutes in the shower is the only me time I get and often there is a baby hollering at me outside the curtain and a toddler crying outside the door and a preschooler getting into mischief elsewhere in the house. So, making that time pleasant would be great!

You can enter to win too by using the link above. Hurry because this giveaway will end Friday, January 22, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Central Time

Giveaways on 1/21

Isn't this guy cute? You can win this Giant Panda by visiting Melissa and Doug. This would surely make any child happy! What a great addition to a nursery or child's room, especially if you have an animal theme.

I just love this silhouette portrait. I have seen these before and loved them. You can enter to win this 10x20 custom family portrait silhouette at Katydid and Kid.

Want to win some cute shoes? You can enter to win a pair of at the Bragging Mommy. They have both girls and boys styles!

Here's a great opportunity to win a gift certificate to a nice store. Cute as a Bug has a great selection of items. I was captivated by their great sales! I coudln't stop browsing looking for great deals. If you would like to win a $50 gift certificate just go here to Organic Girl.

i love pearls. I think they are beautiful and classic. You can dress them up or wear them with jeans. They will never go out of style. I was excited to see Barefoot Mommies giveaway for this beautiful Pure Pearl pearl bracelet. I would love to own it for myself! Just visit here for your chance to win it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giveaways for 1/20

Visit Organic Girl to enter to win your choice of a body wrap that you heat or a bear that you can heat. They are filled with herbs and grains and can be mircowaved to warm them. You can also freeze them. What a great way to soothe aches and pains.

Are you tring to avoid plastics like I am? You will definitely want to visit Blessings Abound. You can enter a giveaway for this great ecofriendly Non plastic Little Husks Tableware set. Keep potentially dangerous plastics out of your little one's life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fantastic deals at Old Navy

It happens every year. Every year without fail. The pants that I bought my children at the beginning of the school year no longer fit come winter break. I buy them in August and they seem plenty long then come December my son looks like he is trying to start a new capri pant for men trend.

So today I loaded up all five kids and headed out to Old Navy. My main goal: Find Brennan new pants. I am happy to report we accomplished that mission. Not only did we accomplish it, we did it very well.

Today is Old Navy's last day for and extra 50% off the clearance tag items. The result? Jaw dropping good deals!!! Besides the clearance deal I had a coupon for $50 off $100 purchase. I returned from the store with 6 bags full of final price? $62!!! yes only $62!!!!. Once I got home I added everything up and if I had bought everything at the original ticked prices I would have spent a little over $500.

A couple super deals I will share: A sweater knit one piece romper for Miliana final price---$1.50!!!! yes a buck fifty!!! Amazing. I actually bought 2 at that price. One for now and one to grow into! I bought 3 boy's fleece hats since the final price was a dollar! My oldest son is starting to fit into Men's sizes at 11 years old. We found the pants we were seaking and paid as little as $4.00 a pair! My 5 year old Star Wars fan was thrilled beyond belief to get two Star Wars themed shirts and I was happy that each was only a couple dollars. My two year old son was most thrilled with one of the several pair of shoes I bought for him. How could I not, after all the most expesive pair was $5! I found the most picked over section to be the girl's area. It may be because I am a bit more picky about what my little girl wears too. I like her to be feminine and little girly, not grown up at all. She did get a pair of jeans for $5.50 and two shirts for a little over $2 each.

The only things I bought not on clearance were a pair of khakis for Brennan. They were on sale, however, for 14.50. I got 5 pair of socks for Evan for $5, not clearance but on sale marked $1.75 each. And, finally, two pair of baby tights, the thick heavy kind for $10 total, a buy 2 deal regularly $6.50 each.

I noticed they had lots of women's items on clearance as well. I didn't shop however, because we already had spent a good bit of time in the store and I had a few children really wanting lunch.

Evan my cashier was pretty impressed at my bargain shopping today. He often commented "wow" as he rung up and individual item. When I presented my coupon after everything was rung he said "NICE!!"

I can say I definately enjoyed my trip to Old Navy today. I will continue to go back in the future hoping to find more outstanding deals.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

giveaways for 1/17

By visiting J Leigh Designz you can enter to win a Baby BOnd of your choice. This will help keep breastfeeding discreat for you. THey have 3 styles the original, flex and couture and they come in a variety of colors. Anything that makes breastfeeding your baby easier is worth a try! Use the link above to enter to win it.

Go to Two of a Kind to enter for this Summer Infant SecureSurround™ Portable Playsafe Playard. If you have a little one at the age where they are starting to get around you will love this. Whether you are trying to keep baby safe, or things safe from baby, this is a great way to do it. It can even be used outdoors. Use the link above to enter to win it.

Want to win an Oreck Halo Vacuum? I sure do!! You can use this link to go to The Experimental Mommy and enter. I love that this Oreck can kill germs and mold in carpets. Talk about clean! Tjis is it for sure. This is a really exciting giveaway and I really hope I win. If you have read some of my older posts, you know I have to crawl on the floor using the hose end of my vacuum as thats the only way it works now. I need a new one so badly! This would be fantastic.

If you are a fan of organic cotton or bamboo clothing, you will love this giveaway. Head over to The Shopping Mama to take a chance at wimming a tee from Daddo Kids They are a blend of organic cotton and bamboo so they will be super soft. They come in cute kid friendly designs and are easy to wash and wear. Sure to be a favorite of you and your little one!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Giveaways for 1/16

First, you can win a baby food prize from Happy Baby. You will get coupons for free products as well as other prizes like a growth chart and recipes plus more. Happy Baby has organic baby and toddler foods. I love the idea of the frozen baby food. I make almost all my babies' foods but on the occasions I can't do it this would be a great substitute. SO much better than canned in my opinion. Just go here to Just for Me and You to enter.

Just Jen fun tee shirts

I recently visited a neat website and wanted to share it with you. will custom create tee's to your specifications.
I was impressed with the variety of clothing items that you could choose from. There are shirts, plenty of shirts to choose from....long sleeves, short sleeves, tanks and camis. How about a 3/4 sleeve? Maybe you are into organic cotton, Just Jen has you covered!! They even have a maternity tee! Maybe you are not wanting custom shirts at all. Perhaps you are looking for a hat or sweatpants or underwear!! yes even underwear!! Just Jen has it! Shopping for someone else? Maybe you little daughter? Yep, Just Jen has baby and girl sizes. Not shopping for a human you say?? Well you would be interested in the dog styles then!

You may wonder if the ordering process is difficult. Well, I don't think it could look any easier. The Website is well designed and simple to follow. You choose your style first then start filling in details like size, color, font and crystal color.

So why not head over to Just Jen and create some custom clothing today? What will you create? Me, well I would love to make a girl's tee saying "Little Princess" and a baby tee saying "Littler Princess" for my daughter and baby to wear at the same time.

"I have written this post as an entry into the Just Jen $100 GC Blogging Contest hosted on"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Giveaways for 1/15

I recently wrote a review on how much I like Be Nice Prenatal vitamin drink mix. You can read it here. If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing now you will want to go to Happy and Healthy You will find a giveaway there for 2 boxes of Be Nice. One of each of their flavors.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Giveaways 1/14

Organic Girl has a giveaway for legwarmers from QT Crafts. Although they are sized to fit infant thru adult, they are especially great for babies. They have styles suitable for both boys and girls. Keep baby warm, its cold outside!!! Click here to enter.

I have been really wanting a new diaper bag. The one I am carrying now was a gift and it doesn't really suit my needs well. I was excited to enter this giveaway at Bragging Mommy. Kalencom has so many bags! Wow. Tons. If you go over to Bragging Mommy you can enter to win one!

I try to do things as eco- friendly as possible. One area I am real diligent in is in the personal care of my children. I really like safe, natural products for them. Ecostore USA has a complete line of baby care products. Right now they are all on sale a whopping 50% off! Want to win a gift certificate to EcoStores? Just head over to Bragging Mommy.

You an go over to The Fabulous Won to enter to win a Quesstures game by Hasbro. This would make a great family game night. Children love palying games as a family. This one is sure to be a great time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Win Wee Squeak shoes at Mom Focus

Want some cute shoes? Check out Wee Squeak. They have a bunch of really cute styles for both boys and girls. I have no doubt that you will find some that you really want.

You can win a pair by following the link above to go to Mom Focus.

Review: Be Nice Prenatal Drink Mix

Recently I had the opportunity to try Be Nice's drink packets. They are made for pregnant women and can be used instead of prenatal vitamins or just as an extra in addition to your daily vitamin. It comes in two flavors, lemonade and berrylicious. I am not currently pregnant but I am breastfeeding an infant. As a busy mom to five I often find that a day nearly passes and I have not eaten as I should. I liked that by drinking this I was adding vitamins into my diet. Also, breastfeeding moms need to stay hydrated to adequately produce milk and keep healthy. Although I like drinking water, sometimes having a flavorful alternative is nice.

After trying both flavors I found I liked the Berry one. The lemonade wasn't bad at all but it was the berry one I found myself actually craving. I liked it very cold over ice or added to already very cold water. The first sip I took I didn't know what to expect. It took a couple sips before I realized I really was enjoying the taste and I was sad when it was gone.

I love that Be Nice has Stevia in it as a sweetener. I won't use artificial sweeteners as I don't trust them to be completely safe for my health and definately don't want them influencing the health of my unborn or nursling children. If you wanted to carry these with you to work or anywhere, really, they are in convenient pouches like you see the single servings of other drink mixes in. They are sized to be easily added to a bottled water.

The only thing I found that I didn't like about Be Nice was that if you let it sit for more than a couple hours after mixing it began to take an irony sort of taste. This happened once when I mixed some and had to leave the house unexpectely and did not take it with me. Normally I was more than happy to drink my complete amount up and did not leave it sitting around undrank.

WHen my box of Be Nice was gone I was quite sad as I really had developed a taste for it.

Amon Maternity giveaway at Blessings Abound

You can win a $25 gift certificate to Amon Maternity by using the link above. THey carry support wear for pregnancy. They will help you carry the belly weight you have and help prevent sore back muscles. If you are not currently pregnant they also have a body shaper that helps reduce the belly bulge that is especially common after pregnancies.

DO you love pearls?

I love them! They are so classic and never go out of style. You can dress them up or wear them with jeans. You can win a Pearl Necklace at Blessings Abound. Pearl Paradise has a huge selection of pearl jewelry in many colors. Just looking around their site reading you will come away with some great pearl knowledge. Go enter by using the link.

win a crochet baby blanket at Just for Me and YOu

use the link above if you would like to win a pretty crocheted baby blanket from Lulu and Charlie. Its white so you can use it for a boy or a girl. Warm and soft. Very practical for this cold winter.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Win a carseat cover at Bragging Mommy

Snugglemez makes a great carseat cover. I love that its Minky fabric inside (think as soft as can be!!). If you live in a cold weather climate, like we do, you can really appreciate how important a cover like this is. Want to win one in your choice of fabric? Use the link above.

Win a curling iron at The Fabulous Won

I don't do anything with my hair. Wash it, comb it and most of the time throw it in a pony tail because its quick. I would love to have nicer looking hair and think if I had the right equipment, I would use it and enjoy looking better. My hair is straight and waist length. I think this large barrel curling iron would give it some nice body and lift. WOuld your hair do benefit from one? Use the link above to go enter to win it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Win a Coleman gift certificate at the Shopping Mama has something for about everyone. THey, of course have outdoor gear for campers, backpackers, hunters etc. They also have things that non outdoor enthusiasts would enjoy. If you would like a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to just use the link above.

Win a booster seat at Two of a Kind

I love the new trend in booster seats. Many now will allow your child to wear the harness to 65 pounds. What does that mean? Your child will be safer for longer. I love the Evenflo Generations 65 booster seat. It looks fanstasically safe.

If you would like a chance to win one of these just use the link above.

Win an Evenflo gate at J Leigh Designz

We have a house that would be considered "multi level". Basically that means there are stairs everywhere! Our livingroom is down 3 steps from the main level of the house. The dining room down 2 steps too. Then we have a basement stair case. Its a lot to have to block off when a little one gets mobile. Our living room has lots of wood work in it and we really like to use a gate that would still look nice and not scream "safety gate". Something that would blend in nicely. I love this Evenflo Home Decor Stair Gate. It would look perfect in our house.

Do you like it too? Use the link above to enter to win it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Win a hairclip set at Just for Me and You

September Lily has incredibly cute things. I love their headbands for babies. They have sweet flowers on them. How sweet and girly. They also have blankets and bibs and hairbow holders, plus more. so why not use the link above to enter to win a set of 8 hair clips?