Monday, December 7, 2009

Help keep baby warm and happy at Bear Bunch

Its getting cold outside. There will be cold rain, icy rain, freezing rain, snow flurries, snow squalls, whiteouts and blizzards around here! I am not a fan of winter weather. One reason is because it makes it tough to go out with little ones. Just on the way to the car they can get cold or wet. Have to go to Walmart. You are guaranteed a parking space a mile away in the rain! So you could throw a blanket over your baby carseat and carry it in. But with the rain and snow comes the wind. Try heaving a heavy carseat through a windy parking lot while also holding on to two toddlers' hands without losing your blanket. Not possible. The solution? This great idea seen above. You can enter to win one at The Bear Bunch by using the link above.

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