Monday, December 7, 2009


When Dealing with a child abuse victim there are things you need to avoid doing.


* Ask for specifics and details. Allow the survivor to express their feelings, fears and reactions as they choose.

* Tell the survivor what they must and must not do. It is their decision whether or not to report the abuse to the police. If they do not decide to report the abuse, still remain supportive and help them in any way possible.

* Make the survivor feel guilty. The survivor has already been through an ordeal; try not to make it worse by using statements such as, "Why did you" or "How could you" or "Why didn't you just leave"? These statements will only make the survivor feel worse, and further isolate them from seeking help.

* Tell anyone about the abuse, unless specified by the survivor. If you need to talk out your feelings, that is fine. But please remember that this is a hard time for the survivor, and they do not want any unnecessary people knowing about the abuse, unless it is on their terms. Let the survivor tell people at their own pace, and in their own way.

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