Saturday, October 31, 2009

Win at Barefoot Mommies

See something you like? Want to win it? By clicking the above link you can go to Barefoot Mommies Gift Guide and enter to win all these great prizes and more.

Kitchen helper at Mommy Googles

Do your daily entry at Mommy Googles, follow the link above.


Emotional Signs of Child Abuse
1. Apathy
2. Depression
3. Hostility or stress
4. Lack of concentration
5. Eating disorders

know the signs, speak out.

Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen giveaway at Mommy Mandy

I have been wanting a play kitchen for my children. My 2 year old pretends he is cooking and the desk door compartment in my daughter's room is his oven. He would love an actual kitchen. This one certainly is great. Working light, ringing phones even a pull out sprayer at the sink. Mommy Mandy mentioned your own kitchen would be jealous...i don't know about my kitchen, but I certainly am as I think about my own kichen with the laminate peeling off the cabinets, sink with the faucet that's about to fall off, eneven countertops my husband installed---oh yeah I am jealous! If you know some little ones who would like a luxury kitchen of their own, follow the above link to enter to win this one.

Win a SwaddleDesigns at J. Leigh Designz

follow the above link to go to J. Leigh Designz so that you can win a zip sac by Swaddle Designs. Not only do these wearable style blankets stay on baby at night, they also can reduce your SIDS risk because there is nothing to cover baby's face, impairing breathing. These are made of super soft fabric so baby will be extra comfy and you will love cuddling it. Winter's coming, enter today.

Friday, October 30, 2009

together pink prize pack at Mommy Mandy

Win this prize pack at Mommy Mandy. Follow the above link and let everyone know who inspires you!

win a dish set at Natural Mommie

Would you believe it if I told you these were made out of rice? Yes, rice husks. What a perfect solution for us that are trying to eliminate the toxins from plastics in out lifes. Much more kid proof than glass. Rice!!! You can follow the above link to win.

Cold Plasma Giveaway at Natural Mommie

If you are an overtired over worked Mommy like I am, you know that it takes a toll on your skin. I don't have time to go to a fancy spa (not to mention the money!)or get a makeover. One solution? The Cold Plasma face cream. I don't use a lot of skin products because I don't like the various chemicals etc they put in them. The good news? You won't find any parabens, fragrance, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial colors and fillers in this product. You can follow the above link to enter to win.

Clairisonic giveaway at Rockin Mama

Win this face cleaning system by following the above link. Gentle yet effective its sure to leave you with fabulous skin.

Uprinting Custom Stickers from Prissy Green

Win stickers that you customize! Pick a size, pick wording, pick a use. You decide. Uprinting is giving 250 stickers away at Prissy Green. Follow the link above.

One to Try print giveaway

This is the print I've chosen if I win at One to Try. You can follow the link above to enter to win as well. The prints are from Loxly Gallary and they have a great selection.

Corolle Doll giveaway at Barefoot Mommies

Rembember your daily entry for this beautiful doll at Barefoot Mommies. Follow link above.

And while you are there, follow this link to enter to win one of 6 toys from Summit!

Barefoot Mommies Britax giveaway

Win the great Britax at Barefoot Mommies. Did you enter today?

Kitchen helper giveaway

Another day means another entry! Follow the above link to enter to win at Mommy Googles.


Please be aware of these signs of pysical abuse to children. If you think something may not be right, report it.

Physical Signs of Child Abuse
1. Unexplained burns, cuts, bruises, or welts in the shape of an object
2. Bite marks
3. Anti-social behavior
4. Problems in school
5. Fear of adults

The Baby's Bundle Giveaway

The Baby's Bundle has a huge wide selection of baby items. There are way too many to even list here. Pretty baby blankets, hair clips, nursing covers, baby legs, baby clothing....this list could get real long here. I am pretty confident that you could spend a $20 gift certificate with no problem at all. Want to take that challenge? Head over to Gobs of Giveaways to enter for that gift certificate!

Cool Baby Kid giveaway

Follow the above link to enter a giveaway for a baby hat and headband. Tutu Sweet Boutique is filled with the cutest baby items you may find...hats, bows, tutus, sock, pacifier clips, oh I could go on and on!! Vist Cool Baby Kid to enter!

Snazzy Baby giveaway

Can you believe this little package here unfolds into a travel chair for your little one? It does. Secure your baby to any chair when away from home. It also supports new sitters in shopping carts. Easy to carry and use. ENter to win one now at Go Graham Go. giveaway has a wide variety of gift baskets. Food like chocolates, fruit and nuts. They also have flowers. You can win a $50 gift car at Mommy Mandy. just follow the link above.

Scott's Common Sense Giveaway

This month, Scott CSC is all about Change for the Better – living sensibly to improve health, home and happiness. Think about what you can do to better you. Now head over to Mommy Mandy's blog and enter to win a $100 visa card! Easy! just follow the link above.

Win Bobux at Organic Girl

Bobux shoes are great for babies. Soft, flexible and easy to wear. They have a big selection of styles too. You are sure to find a pair or several!! that you like. Organic girl has a giveaway for a pair of Bobux of your choice. Pick a cute one!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vaska Herbatergent Review and Giveaway

You can win this VASKA Herbatergent at Prissy Green. There will be 12 winners...thats huge! Enter now!

Great giveaways ahead!!

The Santa's Picks: 2009 Holiday Gift Guide Kickoff Party is happening soon. My Four Monkeys, A Simple Kinda Life and Mission Mommy are the hosts. You can visit Santa's Picks at If you like giveaways and want to win some cool stuff make plans to start visiting now!

Three Different Directions has a Star Trek book

Brennan reads and reads. He is a kid that gets in trouble for reading. He will rush through school work so he has extra time to read. Tell him to clean his room and you will find him distracted in a corner with a book, room a mess. He is totally into Sci Fi too. I suppose a lot of boys his age would be. I think he would like to read this book. Although not a Star Trek follower, he likes other sci fi books, and like I said, he is a reader!! If you would like to try to win this book as I am, follow the above link.

Three Different Directions and Little Husks

Can you believe this set is made from Rice Husks? Amazing. I am trying to eliminate as much plastic from our lives as possible. that can be tough when it comes to feeding baby and toddlers. I don't want to have broken glass and ceramic to deal with. What a perfect, healthy solution this offers! fantastic!! follow the link above to enter to win this set.

Boon giveaway at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports

Do you want the ladybug or the frog? You will have to decide if you are entering to win one of these at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. You can scoop up all those toys your little ones insist on sharing their baths with and then stick it back up on the hanger...taa daa...bath tub cleaned. Follow the links to enter to win.

Win these books at Nut in a Nutshell

These books look really fun. My 11 year old son would get a real kick out of them I think. He loves reading and really enjoys reading silly things, as most 11 year old boys would I suppose. You can win these by clicking the link above and heading over to A Nut in a Nutshell.

Mini Star Boots at Jamie's Precious Peas

Don't these boots look cozy? Yes, cozy and cute as can be. I love them and think the pink would be perfect for Miliana's girly toes as the weather turns cold. You can enter to win a pair by clicking the above link. You even get to choose your color.

Baby Blvd at Jamie's Precious Peas

Win $15 to spend at Baby Blvd, a cute boutique with hair accessories, totes, aprons and more. Everything is very reasonably priced so your winnings will go pretty far. I would spend it on some pretty things for baby Miliana. What would you spend it on? Visit Jamie's Precious Peas following the link above.

win Aden + Anais

I am totally fascinated with Aden + Anais products. I have never seen them in person, yet I can tell I would love them. THey look so well made and practical too. They have baby basics that you would use everyday like various blankets, hooded towels and the sleep sac pictured. Would you like to win that sleep sac? Head over to J. Leigh Designz and you just might be the big winner!

Mommy Googles giveaway

Did you remember to enter to win the Kitchen Helper today? Follow link above.


Many people incorrectly believe that:

* By law, abused children must be removed from their homes immediately, which is the least likely outcome.
* Child abuse cannot be reported anonymously. In most states, you don’t need to provide your name.
* The person reported for abuse is entitled to know who made the report. They are not.

For definitions of child abuse or reporting numbers in your area, call the Childhelp® National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD

reduce, reuse recycle

Keep your promise to be more "green" by using these bags from Pepsi that reuse old Pepsi bottles. Bags made from bottles? Definately reusing! Win them at Mommy Mandy.

Oreck vacuum

About a month ago I was vacuuming only to smell the distinct oder of an electrical fire. Yes its my vacuum. We were having company the next day and my main thought was "I hope I can get the whole house vacuumed before this thing dies". Well, I did get my vacuuming done...and yes I am still using it daily. Yes it still stinks and is definately not in good shape and will most likely die soon, lets just hope it doesn't go down in a literal blaze of glory, igniting on fire. So, I need a new vacuum ASAP. However, my husband did inform me that as-soon-as-possible was more like no-time-in-the-near-future and boy I hope it doesn't break because you will be crawling on the floor retrieving what you can pick up in your hand for months. Topping my list of "wouldn't this be great to have" in the vacuum department is an Oreck. The lightweightness, the cleaning ability and the germ and mold fighting ability on this thing rock! Since I can tell you quite certainly that when I do get a new vacuum it will be the cheapest thing Walmart stocks according to my ultra cheapo husband, i would love o win one of these. Mommy Googles has an opportunity for just that! Win a Oreck Halo vacuum!!


Rockin Mama is giving one of these away! head over to enter.

Mom and Baby kit

win a great mom and baby kit at Organic Girl. This is huge. The value is $250. Tons of products for momma or the new baby.

create a tee

The T-me! DYO T shirt kit contains

* Square white sheets of paper (we ran out of the sheets they sent us so I just cut regular white paper up into the same size-thanks Cherie for letting me know we could do that!)
* 10 mini markers (you can also use crayons if your child is more comfortable with using crayons. Bunny girl used a black marker for the people and I drew her a heart that she filled in with red crayon...both look great on the shirt.)
* The forms to fill in with your details (You can order more than one T-shirt but please note that only the 1st T-shirt comes free with the kit)
* A prepaid envelope to send in the artwork

You can win this at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports.

baby dipper

My Four Monkeys has a giveaway for a baby dipper bowl. The bowl suctions to your table to keep your bowl in place while feeding baby. Also good for new self feeders.


win the Kidorable umbrella of your choice at Jabbering Jessi. THey have the cutest designs sure to be loved by your little one.

Summit toys

Barefoot Mommies has another great holiday giveaway. You can win one of six toys, 3 different styles.

Corolle Doll

You can win this Doll plus a stroller! My daugter, Anastasia, had one of these dolls by Corolle and it was a lovely, well made doll. They have a great line of dolls for girls of all ages. Barefoot Mommies has this giveaway so head over to check it out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Win a Britax

You can win any of these Britax Advocate carseats at Barefoot Mommies. Britax are the leaders in carseats and you can feel proud that your child is well protected in one.

shoes you can write on

You can win shoes that are made to write on at Barefoot Mommies. These are made by Graffeeti and come in several styles.

Win a Kolcraft walker

You can win a walker from Kolcraft at Monkey Mayhem. This one is great. It adjusts from being a sit in walker to being a walk behind walker. This will give you extended use on this which is great because we all know babies grow too quickly and outgrow things before you know it.

Great Stroller Giveaway

Look at that fantastic stroller! I have been looking into getting a new double stroller for quite a few months now. I bought a used double jogger years ago and it served me well but really needs to be replaced. Really needs replaced. Reading Tike Tech's website confirms that this is a great well made stroller. I know it made me want one. Since a new stroller just hasn't been in the budget lately I am thrilled to see that Barefoot Mommies has a giveaway for this exact stroller! I am sure hoping to win!! You can enter too by following the link above.

Sweet Soft Blanket

Normally I am a all pink and frills kind of person when it comes to things for my new baby girl, Miliana. Maybe its because I had 2 boys in between my last girl and now and so I was ready for pink after years of blue blue blue. When I saw this blanket, however, it was instant love. Oh how soft it looks. I would definate wrap my baby girl in this...even though its far from pink. You can win this blanket plus a bib at Jamie's Precious Peas.

Win a kid's book

what a cute book about dog detectives! My children love stories where animals act like people! You can win this charming story book at The Army Wife.

Fiber One giveaway

Barefoot Mommies still has a giveaway for this Fiber One pack. Enter daily.