Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday bash giveaway

There is a Birthday bash coming up with lots of fabulous prizes. go there now and it will tell you what you need to do now to get a bunch of extra entries in the upcoming drawings.


Just having had a new baby I am trying to get my weight back down. I have found that nursing this time around has left me feeling hungry all the time,combine that with the fact that I am trying not to eat much, and I feel starving all the time. This really hits me after 9 when the children all go to bed and things quiet down. What doesn't help? Seeing food on the internet as I browse around places like Tonight I found a nifty giveaway for Oscar Mayer® Deli Creations. has a great, yummy looking variety available and you can win coupons for 15 of these for free. Go here and check it out.

They sure made me hungry!!

weekend ending.

very soon the weekend will be over. another week of school. this week nolan officially srarts his kindergarten schedule. yes, i am quite worried. nolan's mind is usually anywhere but where it should be. i hop he does well. i found a product today that is suppose to really help daydreamers like nol. whats more, you can get it for free in this giveaway

Saturday, August 29, 2009

booster seat giveaway

I am definately a car seat fanatic. I practice extended rear face for as long as possible. I also keep my children in boosters for a very long time. I saw this giveaway recently and thought this booster looked fantastic Even my tall children could fit in this well beyond the reaquired age of four years in our state. It looks very comfy too. You can buy one from I know I am hoping to win this one in the giveaway, however!!

Boppy pillows

So can you believe that I am now breastfeeding my 5th child and with the first four i never had a Boppy pillow? I heard people rave about them but never had one myself. I didn't get one for my first. There was so much else to get. Then my second came along. My first was a boy, the second a girl. So although most of my big ticket baby items were getting used a second time, there was still a lot of clothing that needed bought plus a couple things like a double stroller. Then I get to having my third and I sort of figured if I didn't have the item by then I probably didn't really need it. My fourth had some major breastfeeding issues we had to overcome in the beginning. I think most people would have given up. Good thing I am stubborn. But I could have really used one of these then. There is a great giveaway right now for a Boppy. I have entered and really hope to win so my 5th, a newborn now, gets to enjoy it along with me. Check out the giveaway.

Friday, August 28, 2009

one baby item i don't have is an activity center. i would love to win this one in this giveaway. i am sure in a few months miliana would love it. i think she would look fabulous in it wearing some clothing from zutano. They have some adorable prints. You can win a generous $50 gift card here
before I got pregnant this past time I had started running. I need to get back into it. i was quite happy to find this giveaway for some great looking running shoes. If I win then I definately will have no more excuses.

HOpefully all the running will give me a great body so I look fantastic in a new Bravado nursing bra. Nursing bras have come a long way since i had my first baby 11 years ago. They are no longer only white and maternal looking!! You can win a fantastic looking bra here

I entered to win a total drama island dvd. Brennan and Anastasia would love it. Like they aren't obsessed enough!! Here is the giveaway

Thursday, August 27, 2009

school's in

the kids got back to school this week. each day they come home a bit more tired and grumpy. they need a weekend fast!!!!

some great giveaways i found today:

the natural mommie has a $25 gift card to a great little shop. a great prize that includes those terribly cute pediped shoes mom blog,mom blogger,blessings abound mommy,blessings abound

win a pangea scrub

Diaper Discussions

i totally could use a wet bag for my diaper bag! i am currently using plastic toss out kinds---how embarassingly anti-eco-friendly of me. i hop to win one here
they have a nice sunscreen giveaway here and this compnay has a nifty sunscreen just for girls in a cool scent!
while there you can hop over and enter for a temporal scanner

pediped shoes are sooo cute i am alway happy to find giveaways for them.

here is a great looking food products giveway. ummm...

if you like to be creative or your childrn do, i should say try this giveaway

enter to win a free kids tee shirt!!

My kids are good about drinking water but this stuff still looks really cool.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

great giveaway

I am so bad for not keeping up with this blog like I should. i can't imagine why I don't get to it ( 5 kids including a newborn, a husband that travels all the time, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits etc). But I just had to talk about this amazing giveaway. Its an awesome baby shower for your little one. All of us mommies who are on their 3rd, 4th, 5th child or more knows the sad reality that people just don't get as excited about you being pregnant and having another child as they did those first couple times. When my 3rd child was about to be born my Brother in Law stated that he would not be planning on coming to the hospital to visit the new baby as "this is your 3rd kid, you just can't expect people to keep getting excited when you have so many"!!! So take a chance at giving your baby a little shower of their own!!