Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 ways to get fit after the Holidays

Right now there is a Twitter Moms contest asking your top 10 suggestions for getting fit after the Holidays. People gain weight during the winter months in general. You are less active than summer months, confined to your house, the kids are in school all day etc. Then the Holidays come and you bake, others bake. You cook big family meals, others are cooking you big meals. There are pot lucks at work. Even when you go to the grocery store there are foods that are only available during holiday times out tempting have to get them because next month they will be gone. The average of 5 or 10 extra pounds.

So what are some of my shape up trim up tips?

1. Breakfast Smart. You hear it all the time, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is your breakfast really a good choice? Doughnuts, pop tarts, and other sweet things not only are packed with worthless calories they also get you eating and craving more sweets throughout the day. Many people have to have their morning coffee. If you choose a cappuccino, latte or other coffee house type drink instead you are added a bundle of fat and calories as well. Consider an all fruit breakfast. Two or three pieces of fruit eaten one at a time over the course of the morning hours will keep you full feeling and also give you a huge jump start twords the daily recommended allowances of fruit and vegtable servings and also do wonders twords hitting the recommended fiber intakes.

2. Lunch Smart. If you work outside your home consider packing your lunch. You can avoid bad fast food choices or other diet disasters from a work cafeteria by bringing food from home. The best time to pack your lunch might be right after dinner the night before. You will be full so won't be prone to pack a bunch of extras out of hunger. Its a great time to take things like carrot sticks that you might not eat at home when there are other choices available. Basically you are at work, the only thing to eat are carrots, you are hungry, you eat them. Try eating a big salad everyday for lunch. Warning however, watch your dressings. Dressing can turn a healthy barely any calorie salad into a pretty unhealthy choice. Use sparingly and look for fatfree choices.

3. Dinner smart. Serve at least 2 vegetables with every meal. Aim to make the vegetables occupy the majority of your plate. Another thing on these vegetables...try eating them cheese sauce, no butter pat...just plain. This will keep their calories minimal. When making casseroles try reducing the meal called for. It it calls for a pound and a half of ground beef, try a pound. Most like the extra will not be missed and the calorie and fat intake dropped. Try reducing other things like cheese as well.

4. No snacking after dinner. This is a big one for me. I can go being good all day long but once the kids are getting into bed I want to snack. Sometimes its because I am hungry but a lot of the time its just because I am rewarding myself for making through another crazy hard day with 5 children through food. If you really need something at night as a end of the day reward, try a cup of hot tea. Or save a portion of something you would have normally consumed at dinner for later on at night. Then you are not adding extra calories to your diet, its something that would have been eaten earlier anyways. You have probably heard before that eating late at night just lets those calories sit because you will be inactive sleeping but that's not really necessarily true. Its more "dangerous" because you have already consumed a day's worth of calories then are back at eating again, thus going over your daily limit.

5. Switch your meat. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Its considerable lower in fat and calories. In casseroles and other dishes it will probably not even be noticed as different by your family.

6. Drink your water. Water will help you feel fuller. It will help your body work better at elimination. It will help keep you from drinking sodas and other high calorie sugary drinks. I suggest taking a glass and filling it every you have one hour to drink your glass empty each hour throughout the day. Drinking water this way is better than drinking a big quantity at one time,too. Flood yourself with water all at once and you will probably just pee it out before it really gets to absorb into your body and really do its full benefit.

7. Reward yourself. Give yourself rewards to give yourself something to look forward to. Friday night allow yourself a special snack. A bowl of ice cream. Some barbecue potato chips. That caramel cappuccino you have been craving. When tempted to eat wrong throughout the week just remind yourself you only have however many more days to your treat night. Make bigger rewards too. After a month of being good and sticking to all your plans, treat yourself to ao new outfit, a great handbag, whatever you have been wishing for. You might even want to plan longer time goals like a 3 month reward and a big 6 month reward.

8. Don't look for the easy way out. Park far from the store and walk in. Instead of sitting in the parking lot waiting for the kids, get out of your car and walk up to the school doors to meet them, refuse the help to load the groceries in your car and do it yourself. THese all might seem like small things but over the coarse of a day you can add some good calorie burning.

9. Sleep well. Make sure you are getting as much sleep as you can. If you are tired you will not want to put the effort into preparing healthy meals. You won't want to be active. Your body will be functioning well and working optimally.

10. Baby Wear. If you are a mom with small children consider baby wearing. The extra weight of having your baby strapped onto you in a carrier will be a workout as you complete your tasks. Don't put baby in the cart at the grocery store. Wear him. As you walk about bending to pick things up you will really feel it in your legs. As your baby grows your workout gets tougher. Those of us whose babies are over 20 lbs. before 6 months...we get an even better workout. So ditch the stroller and get a carrier, sling or pack and wear that baby!

Those are some of the things that work for me. I hope you will find them helpful as well. I wrote this in hopes of winning a a copy of EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system! Now wouldn't that be a superb way to get fit after the holidays!! You can find out more details here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Win face cream at The Fabulous Won

If you are like me you need some help in the looks depart- ment. I am no longer young and pretty. There was a time I couldn't leave the house without being approached by men. Men stopping me to ask me out at the gas station. Men in the car in front of me paying for my fast food order at the drive through and leaving a business card there for me. You get the point. Now I have my husband telling stories like "kids you won't believe this but mom used to be beautiful". I have a busy life with 5 children. I just have not taken time over the years for me. i don't get to even go the beauty salon anymore. I trim my own hair using a hand mirror in the bathroom! So besides regular aging, I have neglect on my hands. Periconne is designed to help people like me. here are some things it promises to fix:

1. Firmness

2. Elasticity

3. Clarity

4. Radiance

5. Smoothness

6. Texture

7. Redness

8. Blotchiness

9. Fine lines and wrinkles

10. Dryness

Sound so good you want some? Use the link above to go the The Fabulous Won. There you will find a giveaway for this product. Given the cost of it, its the only way I will get to experience it!

Win Muk Luks at My Wee View

I have cold feet all the time. I actually have a circulation issue that makes my feet very cold. Even in the summer my feet will be cold, so cold that I can put them on my husband and make him yell at me for doing so. I wear a few pairs of socks at times to try to warm them up. I could really use a pair of Muk Luks. THey look so cozy and so cute too. I love the floral pair above. I could definately see me wearing those!

Want to win a pair? Follow the link above!

win a pair of Robeez at the Shopping Mama

Robeez has such cute shoes. During this cold weather I find myself loving these pink boots. They look so warm and cozy. They also look like they would actually stay on a baby foot. (I lost a baby sock somewhere in between our driveway at home, Kmart, Payless shoes and Walmart yesterday....and my baby was sound asleep in her carseat the whole time until I discovered it missing in Walmart when she woke what could have happened to it?) Robeez has dressy looking shoes, casual looking shoes and a couple boot like styles too. Just about everything you could want for your little one.

Want to win a pair? Use the link above. The Shopping Mama reviewed my very favorite pair, these boots, plus she hwas a giveaway.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Win Better Mommy Fashions at My Wee View

Better Mommy Fashions has a nice line of nursing clothing. When my first was born I looked into buying some nursing clothing. I was discouraged to find that they were very shapeless, very expensive and just not attractive. I was very excited to see how much nicer they have gotten in the past years. I own a few nursing clothing items these days and get compliments by people all the time on them and they don't even realize they are nursing wear...they just like the style.

By using the link above you can enter to win a $40 gift certificate and possible purchase some of this fashionable nursing wear for yourself.

Win an Organic Cottontails set at Rockin Mama

I love organic cotton. If you have never had the priviledge of feeling organic cotton knit just imagine the smoothest, softest, silkiest knit you could come up with and thats what it feels like. Its so prefect for baby items. It just feels like it belongs on a baby. If you would like to try out this little set of basics for your baby, use the link above.

WIn a Seventh Generation kit at ROckin Mama

I love Seventh Generation products. THey work well. They are safe for you and your family. They have a huge product line. They are just great. Mostly I love what they stand for. Its been a number of years that I have really been trying to go green. Seventh Generation products have helped me in that goal. I think they would help you out too.

You can win this kit of products by using the link above.

WIn a Pixos Ultimate Design Station at My Four Monkeys

Looking for something to keep your daughter busy a while? Pixos will let your children create with little ball like beads that stick together with a spritzing of water! Now thats great! NO glues to leak all around! It even dispenses the beads too so they are not rolling all around every too!

Use the link above if you would like to enter to win.

Win Paperoni at My Four Monkeys

My kids think we need every product they see advertised on TV. Pans, gadgets, gizmos, cleaners, you name it they are sure its the best if the commercial says it is. One thing they asked me for was Paperoni. They love crafting and creating so I think this is one product advertised that would be useful.

If you would live a chance to win some, use the link above.

Win a costume at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports

When I first saw this giveaway I thought "why would I need a costume? I don't think I will enter". But when I followed the link to Moon Custumes I changed my mind. I did infact need a costume. I could get my daughter a pricess type dress to play dress up in. Then I saw the section labeled "Star Wars"...oh yes...I could get Nolan a Star Wars costume! He would love that. They had a really big selection of costumes in both sections I looked in. I was impressed with their size ranges too.

If you think you would like a costume you can use the link above to enter to win one.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Win an Air O Swiss at Mom Focus

By using the link above you can enter to win this e Air-O-Swiss 2055 Air Washer

What Features & Benefits does it have?

* Place a piece of cotton sprinkled with a fragrance or essential oil in the purple fragrance container to humidify and scent the air at the same time
* Fragrance container «2 in 1» with key function (opens the disc pack)
* Removable housing and air inlet grid
* No replacement filters or evaporator mats required
* Transparent and removable water tank
* Easy to clean and operate
* Quality components ensure lasting use
* Ideal for home and office

Its great for those who suffer allergeries or if you have mold in your house like we do. It will help clean out those impurities.

Win a Hallmark gift card at the Mommy Files

You can win a $25 gift card to Hallmark. What would you buy? Cards and wrap? Maybe a special gift. I am thinking about getting a couple Webkinz animals for my children. I saw on their website they advertize Zhu Zhu pet hamsters...wonder if they have any???

Use the link above to enter.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Win hair items at Words from a Busy SAHM

Use the link above and you can enter to get two great items from Simply Fabowlous. A headband and a clip of your choice. Simply Fabowlous has some really cute hair items plus things like hats and tutus. If you have a little girl you will love this site.

Win an Ecostore gift certifcicate at Rockin Mama

I try to use as many all natural, chemical free products as possible. I have been making all my cleaners and laundry detergents. I buy shampoos etc that are as safe as I can find. We live in a rural area and don't have a lot of choices as far as shopping goes. I try to watch my products and buy things before they are absolutely needed so that I can get them when I happen to be in the bigger cities I shop in sometimes. As my family grows I actually find I go out shopping less and less. Its hard to get out with 5 children. Its also hard to balance the schedule when you have to drive an hour and a half to a shopping area and need to be back in time to get children from school as well. A great solution for me is to do more online shopping. I have been doing this for most of our clothing purchases and other things but I am really thinking of going that way for things like deoderant, shampoo and soaps as well. The Ecostore would really fit this need. They have a pretty good selection of bath and household products. They also have baby products and even pet products.

If you use the link above you can have the opportunity to win an Ecostore gift certificate.

WIn a Keurig at Mommy PR

Everytime I go shopping lately I drop into the housewares department and check out their Keurig coffee makers. I have even checked out the grocery stores I shop at to see if they had the K cups available where I shop. I want one so bad!!! The only problem is my husband is not on board with buying one. So I won't get one.

We have a cheap Mr Coffee that was less than $20. Recently I was putting the caraffe away and bumped it on the corner of the counter and it shattered. My question...why do they use the thinnest most easy to shatter glass imaginable on coffee makers??? So now I have no coffee maker. I only made coffee occasionally, certainly not everyday so its not a huge deal. I do make tea several times a day and my kids love hot cocoa. I love that a Keurig can do all those drinks. I love that it can also do ice tea! its amazing.

DO you want one too? YOu can use the link above and enter to win one at Mommy PR. Its the only way I will see one in my house, thats for sure!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Win a V Motion at The Mommy Files

Leapfrog has so many great looking toys that each time I think I have picked a favorite, I read about another. One problem we have around here is that my littler ones want to be like the bigger ones. If my kids are playing a video game my toddler and preschooler want to join in. It can be furstrating for them because they can not play them well. Thats why I think this V Motion would be great. Its a game system just for little ones. It has educational activities and uses characters your children will know and already love. I think it would be a big hit around here.

Win Bebe Dulce at Just for Me and you

Want to win a gift certificate to a cute baby shop? THis is it! Just use the link above. You can win a $25 to Bebe Dulce. THis shop has handmade onesies, blankets, tutus and hats. THey have things for mom too! Lotions, candles, body butter, etc. Lots of nice things!

Friday, December 25, 2009

win $100 Best Buy card at The Island Life

You can win by following the link above. I was thinking about what I would buy and I realized I wouldn't buy husband would swipe this out of the mail before I ever even saw it I am sure. THis is sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories.

Win a Zippity at Just for You and Me

I really would love some Leapfrog toys for my children. I love that they learn while they play. The Zippity is really great because not only are they playing, they are playing so activiely, just like my little ones like to. Its great they use characters that your children already know and love like Little Einstiens, Handy Manny and Wonder Pets. I am hoping to win this Zippity. If you want a chance too, use the link above.

Win unique food at Just for Me and You

These are pretty neat. They are little food pouches for babies (use a spoon to feed) or toddlers (they can suck it out of the pouch). They are very healthy and kids will love the great flavors. They would be so easy to carry when out or traveling. No glass to worry about breaking.

If these food puches from Ella's Kitchen sound interesting to you, you can use the link above to enter to win.

a travel booster at Just for me and You

I thought this Kolcraft Jeep seat looked like a great idea. I like how its easy to carry because it folds up into its own bag. So many boosters in restaurants don't have any sort of buckle and just set on top of a chair. If you have wiggly active children like I do, its a disaster waiting to happen. Taking your own seat is much more sanitary too! They can be pretty gross.

If you would like a chance to win this, use the link above.

Win placements at Just for Me and You

Using the link above you can enter to win a set of placemats from Olive Kids. Olive kids has adorable bedding sets, personalized items, wall decor and much more. THey have cute themes especially for boys who sometimes are hard to find cute themes for.

Win a Kalencom diaper bag at Just For Me and You

You can win this diaper bag by following the link above. Its a Kalencom. Kalencoms are known to be stylish and functional. They last well while keeping you looking good.

Win $20 and a movie at This Mom Can Shop

You can use the link above for a chance to win a Block Buster Kiosk rental and $20 to the grocery store you rent from (think movie time snacks!!). Blockbuster Kiosks are quick and convenient ways to rent movies.

win a warm hat at Baby Loving Mama

If you klive in an area, like I do, where cold weather occupies more of the calendar than warm does, you will probably want to use the link above to enter to win this hat. Toasty kids makes these helmet style hats that will really keep your little ones warm. They have boys and girls styles and they have sizing from infant to around 8 years.

Win a Storytime Friends set at I Thode you So

By using the link above you can have a chance to win a My Storytime Friends kit which includes a stuffed bear, a hardcover book, and a lifetime membership to the My Storytime Friends Book of the Month Club.

This is a fun and unique idea. What a great way to get and keep kids excited about reading and books.

Win a BJ's card at The Mommy Files

Do you enjoy shopping at BJ's Wholesale?

like to find good bargains?

Use the link above and you can enter for a gift card. Yes $25 to spend on whatever you want at BJ's.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Win a Zippity on the Mommy Files

I would love to have a Zippity from Leapfrog. My children are full of boundless energy. In the summertime its not so bad, we live in the country and they can do a lot outside. In the cold months its rough. Its hard for them to find good ways to use up energy without hearing me hollering "settle down" or "you can't do that in the house". A Zippity would help them use energy in a fun and educational way.

If you would also like to enter to win one, like I did, use the link above.

My Four Monkeys party

My four MOnkeys will be having an after Christmas Party on their site from 12/28 till 12/31. You will have a chance to win some fun prizes. If you blog early and post their button you even get extra entries in giveaways. Use the link above for more details.

Win a Ribbon Gift from Mommy Mandy

Ribbon is a gift card site that allows your recipient to choose the exact items they want. You pick an amount or theme and get a presentation card and the recipient does the rest. They have packages all the way up to thousands of dollars. A neat idea really. Check them out by using the above link that will allow you to enter to win a Pamper package.

Win a gift certificate to Better Baby Bums on My Wee View

Using the link above you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate. This store has so much in it! I browsed around and saw so much I could spend this on. They have great looking skin products like natural boo boo balm and diaper cream. They have diapers, both cloth and disposable. they also have laundry products, toys, really just too much to list. This would be a fun one to win!

Win a Hoover at Jabbering Jessi

No doubt about it, I need a vacuum. I have to crawl on the floor now to vacuum the whole house. The hose has broken off our vacuum and it can no longer be pushed normally. It takes forever, is painful to do, and just is not fun. WIth 5 kids, 2 huge and hairy dogs, 2 cats and a very messy husband I need to vacuum everyday. Its a huge burden in my life. My husband said we are not buying a vacuum now so I am stuck with this disaster one. It also smells like an electrical fire, turns off randomly and trips the breaker from time to time.

i am really hoping to win the Hoover Windtunnel giveaway at Jabbering Jessi. You can enter too by following the link above.

Win $110 gift card at Jabbering Jessi

What could be better than a Visa gift card? You can use it just about anywhere on just about anything? Kodak wants everyone to know just how much they could save by using their printer and buying their ink. I used the calculator and was shocked how much it said I could save.

So use the link above and enter to win the gift card and also find out how much you could be saving.

Win a Right on the Walls gift certificate at Jabbering Jessi

You can use the link above and enter to win a $40 gift certificate to Right on the Walls. Right on the walls has vinyl decals that you apply to your walls for a quick decorating spruce up. Not only do they have decals for the wall they also have ones for your windows or car windows as well.

I am sure you will find many options you like to spend your $40 on. I sure did!

Win a wall stencil at Jabbering Jessi

I love the vinyl wall stencils that are available now. I like that you can get a great look with practically no effort at all. I have stencled walls the "old fashioned" way before. Standing on a ladder with tiny paint brushes, getting everythign positioned just right. Its time consuming! This is such a great option.

By following the link above you can enter to win this "Welcome" stencil from Simple Stencil.

Win a bracelet at Mom Start

You can win this bracelet for little girls from the Puddles Collection. Just use the link above to go to Mom Start to enter.

win a lemonade stand at Go Graham Go

My kids love any type of play that involves play food. They play restaurant, smoothie bar, coffee shop, etc. They would love to have this lemonade stand/grocery store from Melissa and Doug. They could do all sorts of imaginary play with it. If you think your children would enjoy this as well, use the link above to go to Go Graham Go to enter.

win a BJ's card from 3 Garnets 2 Sapphires

You can use the link above and enter to win a $25 gift card. Bj's has so much to choose from you will not have trouble spending this. Since their prices are great, you will get a lot too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Win a bib at My Four Monkeys

Miliana will be eating foods real soon. She will be needing some bibs to protect all her pretty pink outfits. I entered the giveaway at My Four MOnkeys for this neat silicone bib. You can enter too using the link above.

Win lotion from Its Gravy Baby

Using the link above you can enter to win this Skin Shielding lotion. If you have skin conditions or other medical issues that cause skin problems this is a must have. If you just are fighting winter dryness its great for that too.

Win a winter stroller at Organic Girl

Check this out! I never knew this existed. Its a stroller for use in the snow. Instead of wheels it has runners. If you live in a snowy area this is a must enter giveaway. Just use the link above and it will take you to enter at Organic Girl.

Win a sling at Mommy Mandy

If you are into baby wearing you will want to use the link above to enter the giveaway for a Hotsling in your choice of two styles from Babysnazz. What I like about these sligns is there are no rings to adjust. You just slip it over your shoulder and its ready for the babe! Easy.

Win a Boon Highchair at Natural Mommie

I have liked the looks and features I read about in this boon Flair highchair for a few months now. This past weekend I actually got to see one in person at a store. I loved it! Wished I could have taken it home with me! My highchair is 11 years old. Its held up well over the years...but its 11 years old. I could really use a new one. If I could pick, I'd want this one.

If you like it too and would want a chance to win one!!! yes win one!!! use the link above.

Win Cascade at Night Owl Mama

We all have to wash dishes right? If you have a dishwasher you will want to use the above link so you can enter to win Cascade Action Pacs. They will do a great job at getting your dishes clean. Nothing is as irritating as having 1/2 your load come out needing redone because it did not come clean. I have been using an off brand of detergent and have not been real happy with the results. I think I will definately give these a try now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Win a Hazelaid product at My Wee VIew

I am very enriquee by this product. They are necklaces made out of hazelwood. The idea is that the wood has an effect that will aborb over acidity in your body making it more healthy, healing ailments. I am hoping to win one to see how it works. I like the one pictured above. If you would like to win, use the link above to enter

Dress up your walls at My Organized Chaos

THis looks like so much fun. Using the link above you can enter to win a quote to put on your wall from Vinyl Wall Expressions.

I would get one for the youngest boys that share a room here. I am thinking something like "Sometimes dreams do come true, more than once ours came wrapped in baby blue"...something along those lines. You can choose your wording, your fonts (there are tons of them) your color etc. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Win Wilton bakeware at Rockin Mama

Want to win an UltraGold Bakeware set (9 pieces)? I do! I bake a lot and would love this so much. This stuff sounds so nice. The bakeware is made from premium aluminum. The rational for using aluminum is that it conducts heat well, creates an even rise to cakes, and consistency with regards to color and texture. The type of aluminum used in these pans is of such a high quality that they won’t warp or rust. And the anodized finish makes the pans scratch-resistant.

Use the link above for your chance to win.

Win an Olive kids set at She Scribes

You can win a plate set. Olive kids has really cute personalized items. My two year old would love this. He loves having his very own dinnerware. A set with his name on it would really thrill him. Use the link above if you would like to enter to win.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Win a Sugar Sweet carrier at Natural Mommie

I am so happy to have a chance to win one of these. Walking around all weekend with my baby in a carrier I realized I really need to get a different one. I was in pain after walking around the first day. I actually got a headache as the carrier was digging into my neck so bad. These carriers are so pretty I would love the chance to try them out. They say you can carry a pretty heavy child which is good since Miliana was 20 lbs at her 4 month appointment and only getting bigger by the day. The toughest thing about winning would be picking which to get!

Win a play toaster at Two of a Kind

This week- end we were shopping and went into a store that had a couple really nice play kitchens in it. My two year old was with me and he did not want to leave the store. He just wanted to play with the kitchens. One thing he really like playing with was a little toaster. This giveaway for the primary toaster from Pretend Play Kitchens made me real happy. This toaster looks even better made than the one Evan was playing with in the store. I know he would love to have this. If you have someone who would like a little toaster, use the link above to go enter.

Win a Mattress!!! at Mommy Mandy

now this is one EXCITING giveaway!!! Useing the link above you can enter to win a Sealy Posturpedic Innerspring Signature 11 Series. You will be able to pick your size and also the firmness desired.

Why am I so excited? Well let me tell you a little about my mattress. When my husband and I got married we bought a full size mattress. We spent a lot and got a nice comfortalbe set. It wasn't long and we realized the big mistake was buying a full. We should have bought a much bigger size. A few years later we had our first child. We ended up co-sleeping and there was so little room in that full size bed. My husband went out and bought a King set. Now if you know my husband, you know he is pretty cheap about a lot of things. I guess mattresses happen to be one of them! He went to a furniture store going out of business and bought a floor sample mattress. It was never really meant as an actual sleeping mattress. It was suppose to be for displays only. It was lumpy and bumpy and cheaply made. It was never comforable. As time passed it deteriorated rapidly. There are big sink holes in it. Lower areas then the rest of the mattress. It creeks and snaps and cracks. I never feel comfortable. My husband won't even sleep on it anymore its so uncomfortable. He has our two year old sleep with me and he sleeps in the two year old's full size bed. Its that nice comfy set we bought originally! That's why I want this so bad. A comfortable night of sleep....or as comfortable as you can get with a set of little feet or two in your face off and on all night long.

Win hair accessories at Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy

You can win a gift certificate to Andrea's Beau. They have the most fantastic hair accessories I have ever seen! It would be so hard to decide what to spend my winnings on as I like so much stuff. They have things for women and girls. If you would also like a chance to win, trust me, you do!! Use the link above.

Win a faucet at I Thode you So!

This is the Frice Pfister faucet I hope to win. You can enter too by going to I THode You So. There are both bathroom and kitchen faucets you can choose from. I chose a kitchen because my kitchen faucet is just about to break off. You can no longer rotate the faucet from side to side, its stuck. Its in an inconvenient location in its now stuck position. The sprayer no longer works at all. Washing dishes is such a pain! This would really make things nicer for me.

Win Olive Kids at J Leigh Designz

Olive Kids has some great items for kids. You can make a fabulous bedroom for your boy or girl with all their cute matching theme sets. You can also get other personalized children's items like the plate set that is being given away at the link above. THere are some really cute sets!

Win Olive Kids at Two of a Kind

You can win a set of personalized placemats by using the link above. Olive Kids has cute bedding items n kid approved themes and also personalized items like plates and pillows.

win an outfit at Mommy Mandy

You can win an outfit from Nosilla Organics. Just use the link above. They have cute organic clothing.

Win a hat at Jamie's Precious Peas

Use the link above to enter to win the hat of your choice. They have a great selection of styles for little ones.