Monday, October 13, 2008

I am blogging!

Well everyone else is doing it so I thought I would too. So, here I am blogging.

The kids were off from school today. We went to Kingwood Gardens to walk around and feed the ducks. They all loved it. Their favorite thing to do there is feed the ducks and geese. Evan tried eating the duck feed. THis time of the year there isn't many flowers to see there but the tress were beautiful fall colors and it was an exceptional day at 80 degrees.

I am still working on some exterior painting. I did the shutters, picket fence, front door framing and garage door. Picket fences take forever to paint! I still have another day or two of work. Hopefully the weather holds out. I went with boring white this time around. I choose a different color each time I paint which is about every other year.

Tonights dinner consisted of turkey meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes, baby peas and steamed broccoli.